No Company for a Civil-List Scientist

“Pleasure, the attached volume two of the Book of Scientometrics (volume one UFT307, in press New Generation) has a history of the spin connection which was used in UFT311. In the years 2002 to 2015 there has been a complete change in the attitude of Patent Offices to energy from spacetime (,, The early attitude was similar to that of the luddites of the first industrial revolution. They feared that they would lose their jobs because of the spinning jenny invented by James Hargreaves in 1764.

In a message dated 15/04/2015 17:16:55 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Dr. Evans,

I read your emails. They were all interesting.

I remember that Jason Owen sent me a few emails in 2012.

Jeane Manning( writer ) introduced me to him.

He read my paper of Physics Procedia (2011 ).”

The various patent offices pay peanuts and consequently have monkeys working for them. We know of at least three crackpot inventors who have worked as patent examiners, and one who is a patent attorney! So it is not surprising that some loony patents slip through and are granted. On the last occasion that that happened there was an outcry in Nature magazine (that idiotic device, ‘brainchild’ of a sewage engineer, was snapped up by Ron’s former friend Fucilla, who even started a company to exploit it). However, most of the crackpot patents listed by, for example, Google Patents, have not in fact been granted. This is a misunderstanding which is gleefully exploited by pseudoscientific conmen: they, like Ron, point to patent applications which have been nicely printed-up by the patent office, and tacitly imply that they have been granted. They have not: they have merely been published. Manning, by the way, is an unscrupulous journalist and sociologist (two dodgy ‘professions’ for the price of one) who has made herself the spokesperson for the lunatic fringe. She has never met a perpetual-motion or antigravity nut that she could not make money from (by writing a book about them). It goes without saying that she is a believer in Tesla, Schauberger and Searl.  Physics Procedia is a journal which specializes in publishing conference proceedings. The editors do not seem to know, or care, whether these are bona fide scientific conferences … or mere assemblies of lunatic pseudoscientists. 


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