Desperately (Google) Searching … Success

Google Keyword Method April 21, 2015

Many thanks Simon, and also thanks for your help in broadcasting and other work. The entire AIAS including yourself, should share in the kudos, in particular the co authors of these papers, Horst Eckardt, Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris. I will try typing in the titles of various papers to see how they rank in Google, just out of curiosity. I am pretty sure that ECE theory saturates the entire community by now. There is no longer personal animosity between different schools of thought, and this is a return to a norm of mutual interest and respect.” Yes many thanks to illiterate (“this is a phenomena”) Simon for helping to make your gang look yet more ignorant. But here is an idea: type the titles of the various papers into Google Scholar, then check how many times they have been cited, and then (and this is the real challenge), report how many of those citations are by independent non-critical academics. Are you honest enough to do that, Ron? Are you? Or are you just a sort of male-scientist ‘Norma Desmond’ living on among the wreckage of your own life, endlessly re-living long-past glories … and imagined future ones?

One Response to “Desperately (Google) Searching … Success”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    The illiterate music teacher seems to think there’s no comparison.
    Quite right. There isn’t. Anywhere.
    Futile tosh that Ron is spouting is from some freeware. Try telling Ron and his new teacher buddy that REAL scientists get cited, other people QUOTE their work. What some free webcounter does is spout tosh, just the fools are congratulating him for such rubbish. Fools stand on their own, the world laughs at them.

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