Isn’t That Frightening?

Steve Bannister’s Thesis Defense

April 22, 2015

Dr (soon to be) Steve Bannister,
Department of Economics,
University of Utah,
U. S. A.,

Dear Steve,

It was a pleasure to participate on the examining committee, and congratulations on your Ph. D. and post doctoral position.”

So we now have someone who can wave an important-looking piece of paper at people and tell them that the future lies in the development of perpetual-motion machines. It is no wonder that the public understanding of science is in such a parlous state. But, in this case, what can one expect? An entire state, which owes its existence largely to the lies of a crooked/insane evangelist (is there any other sort), can hardly be expected to exercise any sort of rational quality-control over its academic output. 

PS Ron. You did not ‘participate on the examining committee’; you were merely ‘standing at the back of the room’, albeit in electronic form. 


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