“In fact all three thousand items on will come up on google in one way or another. All the ECE books and papers and my Omnia Opera papers are in Google Scholar. So if people continue to ignore this impact and still act as if it does not exist, who needs ostriches? To get meaningful results use keywords that are general, but not too general. Knowledge gradually becomes absorbed into the population like ink into blotting paper.”

Of course, Ron does not read our blog (HoHo), but perhaps one of his gang could bring this matter to his attention. Given the overwhelming success (HaHa) of his theory, there must be millions of converts out there just itching to thank him. They obviously cannot manage e-mailing, otherwise he would be flooded daily with correspondence. But why not demonstrate his popularity more directly. So here is the deal, Ron: allow comments to be made on your blog for a period of just 24 hours; we promise that none of us will exploit the opportunity. You would probably cheat by having your gang-members post hundreds of comments each, using numerous aliases, but we are willing to take the risk. Failure to take up this challenge will be interpreted as meaning that you know that the response will not justify your claims.


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