Ron’s Millstone


Sent: 23/04/2015 19:46:06 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Nova Program on Hubble Telescope

Dr Evans, Last night, the PBS program NOVA, showed the development of the Hubble telescope. They casually mention dark matter, red shift, big bang, and black holes, like they are proven facts. This kind of embedded propaganda infuriates me. This program was paid for by David Koch (fossil fuel billionaire), who spends millions of dollars each year, keeping the obsolete physics on it’s holy altar. This NOVA program was definitely worth the time to watch, but also, quite upsetting to see the old dogma presented as fact. The program made a point to show, that scientists who follow the mainstream, are rewarded by the Nobel committee.”

So Ron’s Michael Jackson does not believe in the Big Bang, etc. What does he believe in? Well, he thinks that Ron’s theory explains the human soul:

Here is a sample of its content:

No matter what the immediate results of this crop are, earth will eventually reap another harvest of completed souls. In regards to the outcome of this crop, the satanists, in charge of Earth, will never allow mankind to learn the nature of the soul. The satanists have known this secret for centuries, and that is their ONLY strength. The satanists destroy the pineal gland by adding fluoride, and mercury, to water and food, which makes direct soul experience difficult. The satanists do all they can to reduce health, longevity, intelligence, free will, contact with nature, and finding truth and meaning in life.”

This tripe is listed on, but the link is broken. Could it be that Ron has become embarrassed by its presence? No, that cannot be the case, for why then would he leave this quite unbelievable nonsense on his blog:

Go to the audio file at the bottom of the post, and listen (especially to Jackson’s take on Einstein [6:44] and Cartan [7:44]).   How does Ron expect anyone to take him seriously? The fact that he did not deny, nor disassociate himself from, these claims when he was later interviewed by Rancid can mean only that he endorses them. So, Ron, tell us more about Cartan the Nazi collaborator …


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