Poor Deluded Ron

Number One on Google

April 25, 2015

All 312 UFT items on www.aias.us hit the coveted number one spot on Google and this is indeed a phenomenon, as mentioned by Simon Clifford. Often a UFT item holds the top four or five positions on Google. There are about two hundred Google criteria, the most important are: high quality, a popular page and website, relevance of the keywords. Google has a careful quality control filter which filters out bad websites.”

No, it is not. Try this experiment, Ron: go to an internet-cafe and do the same search. Your UFT sites will come nowhere (unless the cafe happens to be frequented by loonies). What is certainly happening is that Google is choosing the sites that it shows you, based upon its record of the sites which you have previously accessed. The more that you google ‘UFT’, the higher it will get. Meanwhile, Google certainly does not have a quality-filter; even Scholar does not filter out blatant pseudoscience.   


2 Responses to “Poor Deluded Ron”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    One wonders what Crackpotwatch thinks of the efforts of Jerry E Bales on http://www.electrogravity.com.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      What would you guess? He is just another antigravity nutter (see the List of Dissident Scientists, and the members of the Natural Philosophy Alliance). We are surprised that Ron has not already made him a Fellow; perhaps he would be too much competition. As Bertrand Russell said, the best way to deal with crackpots is to get them arguing with each other.

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