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Another Blast from the Past

May 31, 2015

It seems that this has been around for some time, and has become quite neglected. Still, it tells one all one needs to know, or wants to know, about Searl. Do not forget that this is someone who is closely tied to Ron: they have websites which link to one another, they have a mutual friend (Bob Gray, former owner of and Ron has suggested – as Civil List Scientist – that the UK government should finance this crook. Let that guide your voting (see side-bar).


What Does Tredyfferin Mean, Ron?

May 30, 2015

Here is the disgraced Russell Anderson, crackpot ’employee’ of crook, John Searl, lecturing at a library with a Welsh name:

Searl Update

May 30, 2015

The convicted thief, saboteur and investment conman, John Searl, has an eerie ability (like Hitler) to persuade far more gifted people to do things for him. But he also has a history (again like Hitler) of suddenly ‘falling out’ with them as well: that is what happened with Mr Gray, original owner of the website. Among those whom Searl has bent to his will is Bradley Lockerman, minor actor and  soap-star: he, aptly, had a role in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and even persuaded Jim Carrey to pose with a group of most of the leading perpetual-motion/antigravity cranks in the world (including Ron’s sometime co-author and sometime AIAS Fellow, ‘Dr’ Bearden). Lockerman then went on to produce a very professional documentary about Searl (just as Fucilla did for Ron, but less professionally given that Tugboat was unwisely trusted with the narration). But now Searl has savagely turned on him:

(The ‘Lurch’ lookalike is Mike Windle and the other bookend is Jason Verbelli; remark how appropriate the heading seems*. Yes, watch out for these frauds.) Ron of course is one of those who has fallen under Searl’s spell, and the website has a link to one of Searl’s (many) sites. At least one of Searl’s sites has a link back to How cozy, how embarrassing. How about a vote: should the UK’s ‘leading scientist’ be so closely linked to the UK’s leading perpetual motion (and antigravity, and cancer-cure) conman?

*Note added, 10th November 2015: at the time of writing the above, the Searl page included an irrelevant heading from a newspaper, which the conmen at Searl-central had arranged as though it applied to the new non-persons. Presumably somebody objected to that and he had to step down and remove it in order to avoid a defamation case.


IEEE (Institute of Execrable Electrical Engineers)

May 30, 2015

AIAS / UPITEC Conference in Idaho

May 30, 2015

I suggest that as many Fellows of AIAS and UPITEC should attend the Idaho conference, especially the electrical and electronic engineers. This would accelerate the production of a device taking energy from spacetime and using low energy nuclear reaction. Sean MacLachlan works for Hewlett Packard in Boise, Idaho and could take minutes of the meeting for future open source publication. All other aspects of ECE theory could be discussed at the same time. There is enough ECE theory to sink a supertanker, and discussion of experiments would be optimal.”

Yes, it is important to get the electrical engineers in, because they are the source of most pseudoscience. Eric Laithwaite (of ludicrous ‘gyroscopic propulsion’ infame) was of course an electrical engineer. And then there was Harold Aspden, who rushed to patent cold-fusion ahead of Fleischman when they were both at the same university*. Aspden in fact succeeded in conning £45000 out of the UK government in order to ‘develop’ an ‘over-unity’ device (aka perpetual-motion machine). The ‘motor’ was in fact the brainchild (LOL) of a Dr Adams; head of the Australian branch of IEEE! Even the convicted criminal and perpetual-motion fraudster, John Searl (see Marquis Who’s Who), was a lowly electrician and coil-winder.  We wonder how people like Siemens Stain and Sean Beanbrain manage to keep their jobs at reputable companies. To a rational physicist, that is exactly the same as a hospital employing Jimmy So-Vile. And of course that never happened. Oops!  As for experiments, it is nearly 100 years since certain real scientists were convinced that they had produced gold by non-nuclear means. What had actually happened was that they were using more accurate analysis methods than ever before, and they had in fact proved only that gold had a sufficiently high vapor-pressure to allow it to drift in, as fumes, from a another laboratory nearby. As one of the Darwins pointed out, “bad theories are the comedies of science, bad experiments are its tragedies”. So just keep up the comedy, Ron. The supertanker is a nice analogy: something which is liable to spread nasty superficial material that is difficult to clean up … even before it sinks.

*And which university was that? Oh yes, Southampton. Were you not belittling it recently just because someone there had given Sam Spade a taste of his own medicine? So, to be logical, you were saying that Southampton employs rubbish scientists: like Fleischman, the one who started the cold-fusion nonsense? Like Aspden, who stole funds that might have helped the poor? If you cannot be truthful, at least be consistent.

Is There a Nobel Prize for Lying?

May 29, 2015

My Nominations for the Nobel Prize

May 29, 2015

I have been told many times ever since I was a post doctoral that I deserve a Nobel Prize, on one occasion I was told that I deserved four of them for various discoveries.”

That is odd/unlikely, given that even your ‘opera omnia’ papers are little-cited. The speakers, if they even existed, must have been scientifically incompetent.

“I was told by Richard Amoroso on 7th June 2009 (recorded on this blog) that an anonymous member of the Nobel Prize Committee had informed Amoroso in direct conversation that I should win a Nobel Prize. Amoroso interpreted this to mean that I had received the necessary number of nominations to make it probable that I would be given a prize. ”

Amoroso is a crank who is the Director of the flaky Noetic Institute. Guess who is a Fellow there: your good friend ‘Professor’ Fucilla.

(unfortunately, Lium University seems to have fallen off the Earth). Of course, everybody there (Noetic) is a professor; just as everybody at AIAS is apparently a ‘professor’. Come to think of it, that is probably the main point of AIAS and the Noetic Institute: havens where failed academics can pretend to be successful. So can one therefore really believe anything that someone like Amoroso says? They probably nominate each other for prizes on a daily basis.  

“The world’s best reference vehicle, Marquis, has begun to record my Nobel Prize nominations.”

It has also listed the perpetual-motion conman, John Searl, as having earned a BA degree at the age of 14. The editors did not know or care that the awarding body was supposedly an orphanage! And that is the world’s best reference vehicle? Have you considered a career in stand-up comedy? Your one-liners are priceless.

“Elsevier’s SciTopics also tipped me for a Nobel Prize. So I do not think that there is any harm in mentioning this, especially as it is in the public domain.”

SciTopics did nothing of the sort. In fact, they threw you off their site as soon as they realized what you are. Tell us Ron, how do you keep the other AIAS members on-side when you tell such blatant lies? Have they no free will?

Shameful Display

May 29, 2015

Ninety Minute Presentation by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom

May 29, 2015

Agreed, I am certain that Doug will do an excellent job.

In a message dated 29/05/2015 11:29:18 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Doug, this is an impressive invitation, you have a 90 min time slot, that is a lot. Directly after you, John Bedini is scheduled, you can present some of the result from our Bedini paper (although it is agreed today that the Bedini machine is not overunity). That would be a good comprehensive point.


The most ‘comprehensive point’ to make would be that there is no such thing as ‘over-unity’ or ‘free energy’ (in the sense used in the lunatic fringe) or perpetual motion. Those who discuss such things theoretically are idiots, and those who market supposedly over-unity devices, or sell plans and books on how to build them, are crooks. And do not be impressed by talk of patents: care to guess when the last attempt was made to patent a self-blowing windmill? 1790? 1845? 1927? Nope, try yesterday (WO2015077257)! Mr Obadan is also trying to print his own money. Claiming, as Ron does, that the energy ‘comes from spacetime’ is a vacuous statement (pun intended). It would first have to be proved independently that that is a viable concept … and it isn’t: even the much-vaunted ‘zero-point energy’ is not thought (by sane physicists) to be exploitable. There is certainly something revolutionary about such proceedings. That is, like the ‘founding fathers’, they are all very conscious of the fact that they ‘may as well hang together as they will certainly hang separately’. What are the odds that anyone there will be at all critical of their beliefs?  

Is That Really a Good Idea?

May 28, 2015

Presentation by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom

May 28, 2015

Many thanks, I am sure they will go well adn I have posted them on the blog.

Sent: 28/05/2015 13:47:03 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: energy conference


Here are the links to the conference in Idaho that I will be presenting at in July.

The conference organizer gave the okay to post them.”

Do you really want to let everybody know that Lindy consorts with perpetual-motion loonies of that ilk (other than yourself of course)? In a properly-run world, several of the speakers at that conference would be behind bars for fraud. As we have mentioned many times before, having anything good to say about Tesla immediately labels the speaker as a flake. Tesla has become the patron saint of free-energy fraudsters. It is also a safe bet that, if anyone possessing a genuine doctorate believes in ‘over-unity’, then that doctorate is in electrical engineering. It is somewhat ironic that so many electrical engineers, in general, do not understand induction phenomena or, indeed, physics in general.  And are you happy with the Conference blog, where it is written, “The first [speaker] is Doug Lindstrom, PhD with the AIAS (Alpha Institute of Advanced Studies). He works with Myron Evans who Tom Bearden considers the most important physicist alive.”  It cannot be good to be praised by a paranoid conman who had to buy a doctorate, can it? Was that praise perhaps pay-back for the fact that you and the other AIAS pseudoscientists explained theoretically how Bearden could obtain energy simply by wrapping wire around a magnet? Except that he couldn’t; that was just a lie, Ron, albeit a patented lie. Have you forgotten how you also wrote a paper explaining how one can run a ‘magnetic’ motor without any input? Except that one can’t: that was just another lie. But when you wrote that paper, you gave Her Majesty’s treasury as your affiliation. You have some cheek: involving your monarch (and cousin) in such blatant deception. Of course, we blame Physica B for accepting such a ridiculous paper. The  people at Physica do not seem to be too bright. After all, the Podkletnov antigravity rubbish first appeared in Physica C! We think that you ought to think about getting some ‘sound-bites’ ready for the tabloid Press. Although academic in tone, shocking details from that forthcoming book will certainly trickle down to street level, and people will want to know why a ‘fully paid-up’ crackpot is receiving a Civil List Pension. 

Transparently Obvious

May 27, 2015

Checking Note 316(1)

May 27, 2015

Many thanks to Dr. Doug Lindstrom for going through this note. The checking is very important work. It makes it virtually impossible for genuine scientists to criticize the technique of ECE theory.”

In that case, why do you not send the work to a reputable physics or mathematics journal? With all of your millions of followers being out there, surely at least one of them has, by now, infiltrated the editorial system of a major journal. After all, the scientologists even managed to infiltrate the IRS. Failing a real journal, why not try one of the many fake scientific journals which specialize in publishing pseudoscience? No, we know why you now avoid any sort of publication: it is because the feedback would reveal that there is absolutely no interest in E(Crap)E, and that you and your cult would be the only ones to cite the work in a non-critical manner. It is clearly much safer to stick with the meaningless ‘scientometrics’. A thought occurs: rather than publish your work, why not publish your plight (of much put-upon genius)? New Scientist is a very low-brow ‘science’ magazine, with certainly the lowest editorial standards among any similar magazine world wide. It has always been run by tabloid-style journalists, and advised by some very dubious ‘experts’*. The rag even once put a ludicrous antigravity machine (Emdrive) on the cover; so they clearly have no  shame; no wish to educate the general public. They also have a track record of showcasing ‘dissident scientists’ (that is, crackpots), again confusing and misleading the general public.  Why not contact them?

*One of them was Robert Matthews, Ig Nobel prize-winner: the journalist who publicized the rubbish Podkletnov research (which would certainly have gone unnoticed otherwise) and also publicized some ‘energy from water’ nonsense in a ‘quality’ Sunday newspaper article.  Perhaps he could be your hero; as he was for Rupert Sheldrake.

Den of Iniquity

May 26, 2015

Problems in Mawr

May 26, 2015

Mr. Byron Davies, M. P.,

Want to see what a crime hotspot Ron is living in? Just look:

And why is he writing to a new MP? Because the long-suffering Mr Caton stood down at the last election.

Shadow Summary

May 24, 2015

Summary of the Scientometrics

May 24, 2015

The scientometrics will probably soon be the most popular item on and many thanks to Dave Burleigh, Sean MacLachlan, and others for setting them up, going all the way back to Bob Gray in May 2002.”

Not popular at all then. And let us recall that Mr Gray was mixed up at that time with the thief, saboteur and investment conman, John Searl: a ‘poor pensioner’ who nevertheless has companies registered in various on-shore and off-shore tax havens. Mr Gray likes to ‘think inside the box’ and has patented a propulsion device which propels from within a closed volume. He is apparently a stranger to Newton’s third law. So, with his belief in propellant-less propulsion (aka antigravity), he fits in perfectly with the perpetual-motion fans that make up AIAS.  

“I derive a lot of important information from the scientometrics, ”

And not a little ersatz comfort, we hazard. We always imagine you, hunched like a miser  … endlessly counting your counterfeit coins. 

“which show that the standard physics is being taught like propaganda, and it is no longer Baconian science. Gareth Evans recently mentioned that school children have come to the same conclusion – teenagers from age eleven to eighteen know that standard physics is obsolete, and are forced to regurgitate its ideas. So the writing is on every classroom wall.”

Does the education department at Ceredigion County Council know that it has a viper in its midst; a pseudoscientist who consorts with other notorious crackpots? It is lucky that local-authority pen-pushers do not know s**t from Shinola when it comes to science, eh Gaz? 

“Starting in Dec. 2014 I began to study the quality of the feedback in more depth, and found that the ECE theory is being studied by the best universities in the world as shown in UFT307, and has been since inception in March 2003. After only twelve years (2003 to 2015) it is a hugely influential theory that is studied by the silent majority of the best in the world. So using a military metaphor the standard model has been outflanked and is being forced to retreat or otherwise be surrounded and destroyed by silent criticism.”

Oh, that is how it works is it? We thought that they were supposed to incorporate E(Crap)E into their research and teaching. We did not know that all of the followers simply stand around, silently staring like ‘Midwich Cuckoos’.  Or have you simply cobbled together little more than 12 years of meaningless ‘noise’.

“The small group of string theorists that have taken over physics is being silently ignored by entire professions in physics, chemistry and engineering. The methods used to deal with “dissidents” or real thinkers in science are not much different from any totalitarian regime, (I know this from less than delightful first hand experience) so ECE is studied carefully in private.”

So more like a cult than a scientific movement. It sounds rather like the ineffective ‘Liberation Army’ in “Life of Brian”. 

“There has been such a huge amount of study that string theory and so on have no credibility. The scientometrics are now published in a softback volume at £8.99 by New Generation in London for the purpose of providing local libraries and the National Library of Wales with copies.”


“No science publisher can begin to match the power of AIAS publishing of, and combined. It is also known that ECE has been studied for the twelve years of its lifetime by students in the top ranking universities. It is well known to all that the old physics tried to censor ECE and stop the march of ideas, or stop the tide from coming in. Last but not least ECE is here to stay. That is easily seen by extrapolation of the very high statistical quality of the scientometrics over the past eleven years over the next fifty, hundred or n years.”

There is no success, there are no followers. This is all just a delusion. It is of interest at all only because it is a delusion held by someone who should be an ornament to British science … not a stain on its reputation.

Ron Flatters Us

May 24, 2015

We think that an ‘accurate assessment’ of Ron was reached some time ago. Mene mene tekel upharsin*, Ron. Gee, there’s that feast theme again.”

This blog, 11th May 2015 

“So the writing is on the wall for the old physics – mene mene tekel upharsin* (Book of Daniel), meaning the imminent end of the Babylonian kingdom, interpreted by Daniel.”

Ron’s blog, 24th May 2015.

As they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Tsk tsk, Ron, you say that you never read our blog. Of course, they also say that, “great minds think alike”; but that cannot be it, you do not have a great mind. Like Crothers’ mind, it cannot handle the nuances of accepted relativity theory and even conjures up imaginary support for your defective theory.

* You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Absence of Evidence CAN be Evidence of Absence

May 23, 2015

Definitive Proofs Accepted Worldwide

May 23, 2015

At the current rate the definitive proofs that no torsion means no gravitation are being read over two thousand times a year. They are very simple, so are easy to understand and irrefutable to any scientist. They have been available for about five years so have been read about ten thousand times without valid objection.”

And yet again we ask, why can you not name a single individual? Why do members of this horde never mention E(Crap)E  in their own work? Why do they never send you private e-mails* about it? Why do they not buy and favorably review** the biography of their scientific hero? It is obvious that you are a rubbish scientist, because you fail to guard yourself against false inferences. Have you forgotten that that was one of the main tenets of the Baconian science that you are always babbling about? The shade of Bacon would certainly ask you why, in the absence of objections, you conclude that everyone is happy about E(Crap)E. He would wonder why you have discounted the much more likely possibility that ‘the followers’ do not really exist. After all, the theory was refuted years ago in the opinion of experts. Why would anyone bother to  ‘paint the lily’ even blacker? Even we would not be interested if you were not a continuing symbol of the disdain which the ‘great and good’ of the UK have for science. The Queen gave you a pension for ‘services to science’? Is that the same queen who also avidly supports the pseudoscience of homoeopathy? Is Her Royal Society so much under Her thumb that it felt obliged to give anti-Einstein Penderghastly a coveted award and call him an ‘unsung hero of science’. The British Empire has gradually descended into decay with regard to power and wealth. One day someone will look at the list of great scientists (as judged by their Civil List accolade), Herschel, Hamilton, Ivory, Heaviside, Faraday, etc., point to the name of Evans and say, “right there is where the rot really set in”.   

*it is obvious that they do not, because you are always pathetically grateful for any communication and immediately post it on your blog even if the sender asks you not to do so.

** Favorable reviews are badly needed, now that Penderghastly’s disgraceful 5-star review of his own book has been taken down.

Proof-Reading Failure

May 21, 2015

Details of Two New Books

May 21, 2015

Many thanks indeed, and for sending two complimentary copies to The National Library of Wales. As mentioned by telephone today I am interested in buying five more copies each for local libraries and my friends and colleagues.”

Oh dear, the number of times that Ron has posted the blurbs for his latest ‘books’ on his blog, and the number of times we have asked ourselves whether we should correct them. Well, we did not do so and now any errors can be seen by Amazon shoppers. Never mind, the publisher probably uses the ‘print-on-demand’ method, so corrections can be made anytime … assuming that anyone other than the author ever buys a copy. We await Penderghastly’s reviews of them with interest.

Burying Sam Spade

May 21, 2015

The Crothers Refutations

May 21, 2015

These are well known and accepted by staff and students in world ranking universities.”

Name them, or even just a few of them. Of course, they would still have to be checked out: an amazing number of loony-tunes manage to hang on to proper scientific employment. 

“There is a site called “Are Stephen Crothers’ claims legitimate?” or similar and readers of this site frequently arrive at and study this AIAS site.”

Alexa indeed shows that the main site which links to is,

However, the visitors do not seem to be as intent on getting an answer to that question as they are in finding out how much of a loony you are. Looks as though they largely come to the correct conclusion. 

“In the past two days there has been a study visit to from the world ranking University of California Berkeley from this Crothers site. Berkeley is currently ranked number four in the world by Webometrics.”

What, only a ‘study visit’? Not a ‘consultation’, nor even a ‘conference’.

“The top five in the world by Webometrics are currently: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and my own former university, Cornell. ”

Cornell is not your university. You did not obtain a degree there. You were there for ‘five minutes’ in academic terms. You are also not a Fellow of Lancaster University, as you claimed to be. Is that lie now safely archived for posterity? You are too arrogant and conceited to ‘play the Winston Smith’.

“Staff and students from all five have studied ECE on numerous occasions for the eleven year span of the scientometrics (see UFT307 now available as a softback from New Generation Publishing of London). ”

We shall buy a copy … and try to get you some fame from it. Yes, we shall send it to the Guinness Book of World Records and try to get it into the category of: Most Pointless Book.

“Stephen is often subjected to disgraceful pesonal [sic] abuse for his views, from failed mediochrities [sic]. I condemn this abuse outright as a Civil List Pensioner and member of the Gentry on merit. For example there was abuse (an illegal verbal common assault) from the engineering department of the University of Southampton recently, but this has slipped to number 650 in webometrics and is no longer a world ranking university. It is a mediochrity [sic] by international standards.”

Surely, as a former(?) private detective he is used to abuse. We wonder what drives certain middle-aged men to seek to obtain a doctorate (Bannister is another case, but at least he succeeded … unfortunately). Why did Spade not just buy one, as your buddy (co-author and former AIAS Fellow) Bearden did? Anyway, we saw no ‘abuse’; just a plain statement of fact. If Sam Spade does not like it, he should stop ‘asking for it’. 

“I tread heavily perhaps, but write the objective truth. In the seventies and eighties it used to be quite good in chemical physics and I lectured to the Luckhurst group there.”

Perhaps Professor Rutt was merely ‘treading heavily but telling the objective truth’. We fear however that he may think that Crothers and yourself are just isolated cases, and not know that pseudoscience is now a pandemic … with supposedly rational enterprises like NASA throwing millions at scam artists (but perhaps it is just a tax write-off trick played by their bean-counters). What else can one expect when any scientifically curious child, even before starting school, will have seen hundreds of ‘working’ perpetual-motion machines on YouTube. Pornography will not harm a nation’s economy, but raising an entire generation of incompetent engineers might well do so. 

Did Pendergast Develop Principles … Or

May 20, 2015

Regular readers will recall that Penderghastly had the unmitigated gall not only to review his own book (Ron’s biography) but also to award it the maximum number of stars. He did the same thing with several other books with which he was involved. Surprise, surprise: those reviews have now all disappeared from Amazon UK. The big mystery is: what happened? Did he suddenly grow a conscience, and decide that he had offended against every publishing taboo? Or did somebody complain about his disgraceful behavior. We guess that we shall never know.  

He’s Just a Nowhere Man …

May 20, 2015

My Opinion of String Theory

May 20, 2015

My opinion is that string theory is not Baconian physics, it is pure mathematics, and much of it is incorrect. AIAS is the main opposition part, one which still uses rigorous Baconian principles. Some string theory metrics are refuted in UFT301, CEFE.”

Well, duh, Ron, everybody knows that! Nothing becomes real science until there is a body of universally accepted experimental evidence. So where does that leave you? Incorrect mathematics, no independent confirmatory experiments and prediction of phenomena known not to exist. Bit of a non-starter, eh?

Vanity-Publish and be Damned

May 20, 2015

Buying Five More Copies Each of the Books

May 20, 2015

I would like to buy five more copies each of the two books at the discount rate.”

Are you sure that you have really got the hang of this ‘open-source’ publishing lark, Ron? The idea is that the author pays to have a scientific paper (for instance) published, and the reader gets to see it for free. What you are doing is first giving stuff away for free, then later paying to have it published, and then paying to read your own work. Why, it is almost as though somebody has found a way of getting money from nowhere. 

When I See Poetry … I Reach for My Browning

May 20, 2015

King Jeremy’s Dilemma (written early eighties)

May 20, 2015

This is one that may or may not make it to “Collected Poetry”, I think it may well do so.”

But why do I mount to poets? Take plain prose—
Dealers in common sense, set these at work,
What can they do without their helpful lies?
Each states the law and fact and face o’ the thing
Just as he’d have them, finds what he thinks fit,
Is blind to what missuits him, just records
What makes his case out, quite ignores the rest.
It ’s a History of the World, the Lizard* Age,

R.Browning, Mr Sludge The Medium (written in disgust at E.B.Browning’s fascination with spiritualist conmen. But they both got mixed up with the perpetual-motion fraudster, J.E.W.Keeley).

* doesn’t Ron keep on claiming that he speaks Silurian? Isn’t that something to do with reptiles?

Rutt Nails Sam Spade to the Wall

May 20, 2015

“Dear Dr Crothers. If indeed you have a doctorate from a recognised University, you are indeed entitled to that form of address; I have no information to that effect. All have seen is a reference to failing to complete a PhD; the Telesio site has a CV current to about 2009 which makes no mention of it. You on the other hand are well aware of the appropriate form, and persistently used ‘old man’ etc in an offensive manner. However, having done a little research, this discussion is clearly utterly pointless. You and Dr Robinette will continue to believe what you believe, quite irrespective of what anyone else says, or what evidence they produce. The rest of us will go on using Kirchoff’s law to design things, make things, and will continue to observe, day to day, in the Lab its effects. I really wonder if you have ever actually used, designed, made, a black body source, or observed high temperature apparatus where the effects are obvious by eye in a low emissivity cavity; I suspect not. We will also continue to consider carefully when people point out a possible error if they might be right, and not to produce knee-jerk lengthy, largely irrelevant diatribes. And when we conclude we were indeed right, we will consider whether it could be explained better, and reply succinctly and politely. Good science requires a degree of humility which is conspicuously absent in your communications. We will also continue to publish in refereed Journals, not vanity, unrefereed ‘Journals’. You might just as well just post it on your own web site. We will also attend conferences where there is genuine debate and refereed submissions; not some self congratulatory incestuous meeting where everyone agrees they are mutually right and the rest of the world is automatically wrong. Please do not bother to reply, because I will not receive further emails from you. You will, doubtless, see that as a victory. No, I just have better things to do with my time. Prof Harvey Rutt”

What an excellent summary of the methods of former ‘private dick’, and now very public dick, Crothers. The only fault that we can find is that Professor Rutt may not have realized that the TGA (Telesio) is just another nest-of-nutters. We hope that, if Professor Rutt sees support for Spade emanating from ‘the civil-list scientist’, he will add his voice to the clamor to have that undeserved accolade removed. 

Ron’s Sancho Panza

May 19, 2015

Many thanks to GJE

May 19, 2015

Many thanks again to GJE who is the only scientist in the world who knows the totality of my work for over forty years continuously. He is a distinguished scientist in his own right.”

No he isn’t Ron; he advises a county council on trivial technical matters and his last brush with real science occurred when he supplied samples of polluted water to proper researchers.  And what is this business which you have? It does not appear to be properly registered. The only company listed in your name is defunct, and closed years ago with assets of £2. That is not really surprising, given that it was set up in order to ‘develop’ perpetual-motion and antigravity machines. We were under the impression that you were living on, or off, cake.

Nomination Being Seriously Considered

May 17, 2015

Good News, Ron! You may well be in the running for the Ig Nobel Prize for Physics 2015!

“Thanks,  ********

Quite an impressive figure, if he does say so himself!
We will give him full consideration.

The Very Definition of ‘Specious’

May 17, 2015

The Scientometrics of

May 17, 2015

There are several different kinds of scientometrics and these are being read currently at the rate of 4,696 times a year in up to 181 countries. They make the citation system of the physics establishment completely obsolete, and there is a vast amount of scientometrical data all indicating complete acceptance of ECE theory and complete rejection of the incorrect and bad parts of the old standard model.”

Ron, Ron, Ron, this is all becoming distinctly embarrassing and you should stop it forthwith. You really don’t see the problem? It is this: it suits you to value random hits (for unknown motives) on your website, over citations of your ‘work’, simply because that is all that you have to offer as evidence of acceptance. But your personal preference fails to explain why it should be everybody else’s freely chosen preference as well: what is it that drives all of your ‘millions of followers’ to eschew writing about your silly theory and instead only read about it? What do they write about these days, still the same old so-called dogma? Will you argue that they are too scared to mention E(Crap)E for fear of losing their overpaid (according to you) ‘sinecures’? But how could that be the case if your followers are in the ascendancy? Face it, Ron, you are suffering from a delusion … as everybody but you can clearly see. If only you could break away from those yes-men: that star of the German perpetual-motion league, and that former student who could not get a proper scientific job. Retire mentally to your Kehlsteinhaus or your St Helena, and offend physics, and logic, no more.    

With Success Like That, Who Needs Failure?

May 11, 2015

Impact of My First Research Paper

May 11, 2015

This is Omnia Opera One on The best combination of google keywords is

collision induced absorption cyanogen: brings up the paper as the first site on page one of google out of 380,000 results, and the Omnia Opera entry brings up a site on page two. This is an accurate measure of impact with as few keywords as possible. Therefore well over a thousand of my papers and books will have this same impact, and over a hundred essays, both in English and in Spanish translation by Alex Hill. Some of the Spanish universities are now world leading universities and of course regularly study ECE. So in order for any major prize to be assessed in any meaningful way, the assessors must read all this work, or at least be aware of its impact. The nominators and supporters are already well aware of the work, and are sincere people. At present an accurate assessment is very far from being achieved.”

Hmm, cited just 5 times (twice by your bad self, once by your boss) in 42 years. As we never tire of pointing out, a single work by just one of our number (unlike you, a graduate of one of the top 50 academic institutions, by the way) has been cited several thousand times. We think that an ‘accurate assessment’ of Ron was reached some time ago. Mene mene tekel upharsin, Ron. Gee, there’s that feast theme again.

Ramping-Up the Desperation

May 11, 2015

Numerous Studies of ECE Theory from the World’s Top One Hundred Universities

May 11, 2015

I can memorize every university visit over the past eleven years so I can see that staff and students from the top one hundred universities in the world have regularly studied ECE for eleven years and more, and probably before that.”

Yet again we ask why you cannot name a single non-crackpot scientist who uses your rubbish-theory in his work. Why do they never publish anything that mentions it? Why do they never send you e-mails praising you, or asking for enlightenment on tricky aspects? Why are there no favorable comments on your biography, apart from those made by the author himself? It smacks of high comedy that someone would actually publish a record of that which amounts to little more than ‘electronic  noise’. Every year that passes in this way does not signal success; it instead reflects abject failure. Please stop dragging respect for the civil-list pension accolade through the pseudoscientific mire.

Pull up the Ladder, I’m Alright Jack

May 9, 2015

Controls on Immigration in to Wales

May 9, 2015

Thanks for your interest. I cannot really speak for England and Scotland, especially as a U. S. dual citizen, but I know that there is a very urgent need for a Welsh language test for all immigration in to Wales.”

Written by someone who imported at least two foreign nationals into Wales, none of whom spoke Welsh. Jeez, Ron has more faces than the Elizabeth Tower! 

Crothers is a Pig-Ignorant Troll

May 9, 2015

Agreed with Stephen Crothers

May 9, 2015

I agree with Crothers, Strassler is behaving in a crude, arrogant, dictatorial manner that has nothing to do with Baconian science, and is wholly unable to argue logically. This is why funding for physics is being cut back very quickly. Stephen Crothers has the right to opinion, this is known as “freedom of speech”. This kind of arrogant tirade is a thing of the past, one cannot stop the knowledge revolution.”

How is that for freedom-of-speech, Ron? Strassler is correct; it is very impolite to plaster private e-mails all over the internet. Who else do we know who does that? Moreover, that person often even includes the warnings, about not doing that very thing, which came with the mail! Here is some more free speech: AIAS is a collection of loony-tunes grouped around a crackpot whose ideas are wrong and which are therefore totally ignored. The chief crank’s only comfort is the hilariously unwarranted belief that hits on his websites have any significance. All of this would not matter if it were not for the fact that he is in possession of an entirely undeserved accolade, a Civil List Pension. Imagine the horror of having to mention him ‘in the same breath’ as Faraday, Herschel, Heaviside, Hamilton, etc. This spectre must be banished from the feast of British science.

Nominations Season

May 7, 2015

Nomination for Milner Prize

May 7, 2015

This should go ahead as a well publicised nomination in order to try to impose reform and make the competition an open competition. At present it is restricted to an obsolete and tiny minority of string theorists.”

Dear Ron, we have nominated you – yet again – for an Ig Nobel Prize. We encourage all of our followers to do the same. Perhaps it will work this year and you will get the sort of attention that you deserve!

The Scientific Process

May 7, 2015

More Idiocy from Standard Physics

May 7, 2015

These must be the most expensive ovens in the world, and we pay for this idiocy.”

Or, to put it another way, real scientists constantly examine their own results and conclusions and correct them when necessary. Pseudoscientists never even dream that they are wrong. Ron does idiocy for free.

Wrong Section?

May 7, 2015

Milner Prize Censorship

May 7, 2015

It looks as if the Milner Prize rules are found and it is a simple process. However they appear to exercise total censorship over work that is not long refuted standard string theory,”

Perhaps you are going after the wrong prize, Ron. Instead of going for the physics or mathematics prize, why not go for the Life Sciences prize. You could present your sterling efforts in the field of ‘care in the community’: in particular, how you keep a delusional pseudoscientist under control by confining him to his house, encouraging him to write endless unread ‘scientific papers’ and telling him that random hits on his website are from instant converts to his cause. Yep, that would be a lock.

Rejection X 4

May 7, 2015

The Dirac Medal

May 7, 2015

The deadline for nominations for the 2015 Dirac Medal is 15th June 2015, information from director.”

There are four ‘Dirac medals’, Ron, awarded by completely different organisations. Please specify which one you will not be getting … ever.

Deadline for Nominations for the Wolf Prizes in Physics and Chemistry

May 7, 2015

This is 31st August 2015. I have been nominated for both prizes in the past. The Wolf Foundation does not appear to place any restrictions on publication, neither does ICTP Trieste which administers the Dirac Medal,”

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly on that, Ron

Underground Music

May 3, 2015

Fugue in C Minor on a Theme by Legrenzi by J. S. Bach BWV 574

May 3, 2015

This is played on harpsichord on youtube by Gerard van Reenen, and is metaphorically reminiscent of mathematics. A musical fugue does not have the precise and severe beauty of a mathematical identity but it is the same kind of idea. The fugue has many rules which sometimes get in the way of the music, but is undoubtedly a high art brought to perfection by J. S. Bach.”

We would have thought that Ron preferred a different Bach work,

We can just imagine him, down in his (shared) sewer playing with his organ, and playing the evil genius for all that he is worth. 

It’s Pronounced ‘Markwiss’

May 3, 2015

List of AIAS Fellows in Marquis Who’s Who

May 3, 2015

This is an updated list of AIAS Fellows in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World”. I am honoured to have been included since 1999 in thirty two editions of Marquis, the world’s leading reference vehicle, and all in all the AIAS Fellows are included in well over fifty editions of Marquis Who’s Who in America, the World and Science and Engineering. If any of the Fellows receive new invitations please let me know.”

Yep, the founder of this vanity publication was ‘a bit thick’ and could not manage the correct pronunciation. As usual, there are some curious omissions from Ron’s list. Ron has been brave enough this time to mention the perpetual-motion crackpot, Thomas Valone (of the ‘Integrity [LOL] Institute’), and has even been honest enough to omit Valone’s fake doctorate. But where is Ron’s hero, ‘Professor John Roy Robert Searl’, supposed inventor of a levitating cancer-curing perpetual-motion machine? Ron has sometimes suggested that Searl’s never-seen machine should be backed financially by HM Government. And why not? After all, it (indirectly) financed it to the tune of £40000 via Searl’s brother and also threw money (perhaps a quarter of a million) at the fatuous Emdrive antigravity machine. It speaks to the accuracy and fact-checking of Marquis that it did not query Searl’s professorship (the chair seems to be at some sort of ski or catering school) nor his claim to have been awarded a BA degree at the age of 14. The awarding body was supposedly a branch of Dr Barnardo’s orphanage. (NB Searl was not an orphan; he simply had incredibly ne’er-do-well parents.) And where is ‘Dr’ Thomas Eugene Bearden, Ron’s long-time friend and partner-in-crime (literally: Ron’s letter illegally promoting a cancer-cure was written for the benefit of Bearden’s gang). Surely Ron cannot have forgotten that most of the AIAS imbeciles collaborated on a paper explaining how Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator produced energy from nowhere spacetime. Ron even smuggled Bearden’s paper about it into a reputable chemistry journal … or at least it was reputable until Ron misused his editorship. Rather than a place in Marquis, we think that a special place in Hell should be reserved for the likes of Ron. Just imagine how all of this will look, spelled-out in that forthcoming book (a review copy has been earmarked for the Honors Forfeiture Committee). 

Limbo-Dancing under the Bar

May 2, 2015

Royal Society of Chemistry Membership

May 2, 2015

Many congratulations and well deserved!”

“Chemistry degrees, please take one”: notice once seen on a toilet-roll holder in the Physics block. If any of our readers would like to be a member of the RSC, all he has to do is to claim to be a student (nobody will check) and pay the membership fee. Kick-start your alphabet-soup.

Wot, No Battlements?

May 2, 2015

My Royal Standard

May 1, 2015

I chose this to be the standard (attached) of my ancestral cousin Owain Glyndw^r (Owain IV of Wales) and it will probably be displayed soon on the flagpole outside my house. Let’s hope I will not be falsely accused of starting a Rising. My personal coat of arms is displayed on the plaque on the wall of the house, its main element is the golden lion rampant of the Royal House of Dynevor from which I am descended, and so was Owain Glyndw^r.”

After taking all of this trouble to establish his ballywick and display his arms, we are amazed that Ron has made no attempt to produce an heir. He is obviously more of an Elizabeth I (his distant cousin, never forget) than a Henry VIII. Perhaps he is even more of a Richard I, whose name will always be associated with crusades … and Jaffa.

Another Welsh Crackpot

May 1, 2015

… and this one is trying to get money out of Richard Branson,