It’s Pronounced ‘Markwiss’

List of AIAS Fellows in Marquis Who’s Who

May 3, 2015

This is an updated list of AIAS Fellows in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World”. I am honoured to have been included since 1999 in thirty two editions of Marquis, the world’s leading reference vehicle, and all in all the AIAS Fellows are included in well over fifty editions of Marquis Who’s Who in America, the World and Science and Engineering. If any of the Fellows receive new invitations please let me know.”

Yep, the founder of this vanity publication was ‘a bit thick’ and could not manage the correct pronunciation. As usual, there are some curious omissions from Ron’s list. Ron has been brave enough this time to mention the perpetual-motion crackpot, Thomas Valone (of the ‘Integrity [LOL] Institute’), and has even been honest enough to omit Valone’s fake doctorate. But where is Ron’s hero, ‘Professor John Roy Robert Searl’, supposed inventor of a levitating cancer-curing perpetual-motion machine? Ron has sometimes suggested that Searl’s never-seen machine should be backed financially by HM Government. And why not? After all, it (indirectly) financed it to the tune of £40000 via Searl’s brother and also threw money (perhaps a quarter of a million) at the fatuous Emdrive antigravity machine. It speaks to the accuracy and fact-checking of Marquis that it did not query Searl’s professorship (the chair seems to be at some sort of ski or catering school) nor his claim to have been awarded a BA degree at the age of 14. The awarding body was supposedly a branch of Dr Barnardo’s orphanage. (NB Searl was not an orphan; he simply had incredibly ne’er-do-well parents.) And where is ‘Dr’ Thomas Eugene Bearden, Ron’s long-time friend and partner-in-crime (literally: Ron’s letter illegally promoting a cancer-cure was written for the benefit of Bearden’s gang). Surely Ron cannot have forgotten that most of the AIAS imbeciles collaborated on a paper explaining how Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator produced energy from nowhere spacetime. Ron even smuggled Bearden’s paper about it into a reputable chemistry journal … or at least it was reputable until Ron misused his editorship. Rather than a place in Marquis, we think that a special place in Hell should be reserved for the likes of Ron. Just imagine how all of this will look, spelled-out in that forthcoming book (a review copy has been earmarked for the Honors Forfeiture Committee). 


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