Crothers is a Pig-Ignorant Troll

Agreed with Stephen Crothers

May 9, 2015

I agree with Crothers, Strassler is behaving in a crude, arrogant, dictatorial manner that has nothing to do with Baconian science, and is wholly unable to argue logically. This is why funding for physics is being cut back very quickly. Stephen Crothers has the right to opinion, this is known as “freedom of speech”. This kind of arrogant tirade is a thing of the past, one cannot stop the knowledge revolution.”

How is that for freedom-of-speech, Ron? Strassler is correct; it is very impolite to plaster private e-mails all over the internet. Who else do we know who does that? Moreover, that person often even includes the warnings, about not doing that very thing, which came with the mail! Here is some more free speech: AIAS is a collection of loony-tunes grouped around a crackpot whose ideas are wrong and which are therefore totally ignored. The chief crank’s only comfort is the hilariously unwarranted belief that hits on his websites have any significance. All of this would not matter if it were not for the fact that he is in possession of an entirely undeserved accolade, a Civil List Pension. Imagine the horror of having to mention him ‘in the same breath’ as Faraday, Herschel, Heaviside, Hamilton, etc. This spectre must be banished from the feast of British science.


One Response to “Crothers is a Pig-Ignorant Troll”

  1. Gower Watcher Says:

    Anyone, anywhere at any time, who communicates with Moron, whether by e mail or letter hard copy mail, or phone call, or by simple conversation, even if in confidence, needs to know that this Crackpot will plaster it all over the internet via his science fiction Blog including any form – he will publish your comments on the internet. He even brought about a downfall of the Labour Candidate for Parliament in his Gower Constituency by repeatedly claiming that the Labour Candidate a Liz Evans agreed with him on everything – yes agreed with him on everything. What fools were going to vote for such a stupid woman. The Tories took the seat by a recount majority of 27 votes. Disillusioned Labour Voters must have been a few hundred when they realised that their stupid Liz Evans agreed with Moron on everything. Maybe he deserves another gong from UK Prime Minister Cameron to add to his other nonsense title. Well done Moron for ruining Liz Evans’ campaign with your criminal breach of Election Purdah Rules to let the Conservatives take Gower.

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