Ramping-Up the Desperation

Numerous Studies of ECE Theory from the World’s Top One Hundred Universities

May 11, 2015

I can memorize every university visit over the past eleven years so I can see that staff and students from the top one hundred universities in the world have regularly studied ECE for eleven years and more, and probably before that.”

Yet again we ask why you cannot name a single non-crackpot scientist who uses your rubbish-theory in his work. Why do they never publish anything that mentions it? Why do they never send you e-mails praising you, or asking for enlightenment on tricky aspects? Why are there no favorable comments on your biography, apart from those made by the author himself? It smacks of high comedy that someone would actually publish a record of that which amounts to little more than ‘electronic  noise’. Every year that passes in this way does not signal success; it instead reflects abject failure. Please stop dragging respect for the civil-list pension accolade through the pseudoscientific mire.


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