With Success Like That, Who Needs Failure?

Impact of My First Research Paper

May 11, 2015

This is Omnia Opera One on www.aias.us. The best combination of google keywords is

collision induced absorption cyanogen: brings up the paper as the first site on page one of google out of 380,000 results, and the Omnia Opera entry brings up a site on page two. This is an accurate measure of impact with as few keywords as possible. Therefore well over a thousand of my papers and books will have this same impact, and over a hundred essays, both in English and in Spanish translation by Alex Hill. Some of the Spanish universities are now world leading universities and of course regularly study ECE. So in order for any major prize to be assessed in any meaningful way, the assessors must read all this work, or at least be aware of its impact. The nominators and supporters are already well aware of the work, and are sincere people. At present an accurate assessment is very far from being achieved.”

Hmm, cited just 5 times (twice by your bad self, once by your boss) in 42 years. As we never tire of pointing out, a single work by just one of our number (unlike you, a graduate of one of the top 50 academic institutions, by the way) has been cited several thousand times. We think that an ‘accurate assessment’ of Ron was reached some time ago. Mene mene tekel upharsin, Ron. Gee, there’s that feast theme again.


2 Responses to “With Success Like That, Who Needs Failure?”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    This guy is deluded. He has been told over and over, not to trust the output of search engines and unsupported free webserverserver-scripts (btw they were written to test a server, not to log data, or provide site-validity, let alone hundreds of pages of research tripe to be published as a book [that will not sell a single copy].). However, even within his organization, that departure from sanity is overlooked. People, embarrassed, look uncomfortably the other way as the eccentric old guy boasts on about another megabyte of meaningless drivel is pumped onto the web, which, despite its “utmost importance in tracking the success of a new paradigm of modern thinking”, NOBODY reads. Nobody even comments when the “daily report” is unreadable, or he sends out a link to a server-login page rather than data from the page.
    Challenge Ron, as you have. Publish UFT666. Just fill it with “lorem ipsum”. You will see how many people “study” this clear twaddle, and then look long and hard at the true meaning of the rest of the useless data. Oh and stop wasting our time with Internet stuff you don’t understand grandad.

  2. Gower Watcher Says:

    He is MEGA HYPER GRAND DELUDED. I’m lost for adjectives and he is now sadly a shuffling mush. Maybe we should feel sorry for him, but he is so NASTY – just like the Rat Catcher. What is really worrying is that some confused student might take up some of his SCIENCE FICTION, just as did the UK Gower Constituency Labour Candidate Liz Evans, who after siding with this utter Moron lost a safe Labour seat to the Tories by just 27 votes in the UK Parliamentary Election – because many people knew she was siding with a deluded utter Moron!

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