When I See Poetry … I Reach for My Browning

King Jeremy’s Dilemma (written early eighties)

May 20, 2015

This is one that may or may not make it to “Collected Poetry”, I think it may well do so.”

But why do I mount to poets? Take plain prose—
Dealers in common sense, set these at work,
What can they do without their helpful lies?
Each states the law and fact and face o’ the thing
Just as he’d have them, finds what he thinks fit,
Is blind to what missuits him, just records
What makes his case out, quite ignores the rest.
It ’s a History of the World, the Lizard* Age,

R.Browning, Mr Sludge The Medium (written in disgust at E.B.Browning’s fascination with spiritualist conmen. But they both got mixed up with the perpetual-motion fraudster, J.E.W.Keeley).

* doesn’t Ron keep on claiming that he speaks Silurian? Isn’t that something to do with reptiles?

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