Absence of Evidence CAN be Evidence of Absence

Definitive Proofs Accepted Worldwide

May 23, 2015

At the current rate the definitive proofs that no torsion means no gravitation are being read over two thousand times a year. They are very simple, so are easy to understand and irrefutable to any scientist. They have been available for about five years so have been read about ten thousand times without valid objection.”

And yet again we ask, why can you not name a single individual? Why do members of this horde never mention E(Crap)E  in their own work? Why do they never send you private e-mails* about it? Why do they not buy and favorably review** the biography of their scientific hero? It is obvious that you are a rubbish scientist, because you fail to guard yourself against false inferences. Have you forgotten that that was one of the main tenets of the Baconian science that you are always babbling about? The shade of Bacon would certainly ask you why, in the absence of objections, you conclude that everyone is happy about E(Crap)E. He would wonder why you have discounted the much more likely possibility that ‘the followers’ do not really exist. After all, the theory was refuted years ago in the opinion of experts. Why would anyone bother to  ‘paint the lily’ even blacker? Even we would not be interested if you were not a continuing symbol of the disdain which the ‘great and good’ of the UK have for science. The Queen gave you a pension for ‘services to science’? Is that the same queen who also avidly supports the pseudoscience of homoeopathy? Is Her Royal Society so much under Her thumb that it felt obliged to give anti-Einstein Penderghastly a coveted award and call him an ‘unsung hero of science’. The British Empire has gradually descended into decay with regard to power and wealth. One day someone will look at the list of great scientists (as judged by their Civil List accolade), Herschel, Hamilton, Ivory, Heaviside, Faraday, etc., point to the name of Evans and say, “right there is where the rot really set in”.   

*it is obvious that they do not, because you are always pathetically grateful for any communication and immediately post it on your blog even if the sender asks you not to do so.

** Favorable reviews are badly needed, now that Penderghastly’s disgraceful 5-star review of his own book has been taken down.


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