Shadow Summary

Summary of the Scientometrics

May 24, 2015

The scientometrics will probably soon be the most popular item on and many thanks to Dave Burleigh, Sean MacLachlan, and others for setting them up, going all the way back to Bob Gray in May 2002.”

Not popular at all then. And let us recall that Mr Gray was mixed up at that time with the thief, saboteur and investment conman, John Searl: a ‘poor pensioner’ who nevertheless has companies registered in various on-shore and off-shore tax havens. Mr Gray likes to ‘think inside the box’ and has patented a propulsion device which propels from within a closed volume. He is apparently a stranger to Newton’s third law. So, with his belief in propellant-less propulsion (aka antigravity), he fits in perfectly with the perpetual-motion fans that make up AIAS.  

“I derive a lot of important information from the scientometrics, ”

And not a little ersatz comfort, we hazard. We always imagine you, hunched like a miser  … endlessly counting your counterfeit coins. 

“which show that the standard physics is being taught like propaganda, and it is no longer Baconian science. Gareth Evans recently mentioned that school children have come to the same conclusion – teenagers from age eleven to eighteen know that standard physics is obsolete, and are forced to regurgitate its ideas. So the writing is on every classroom wall.”

Does the education department at Ceredigion County Council know that it has a viper in its midst; a pseudoscientist who consorts with other notorious crackpots? It is lucky that local-authority pen-pushers do not know s**t from Shinola when it comes to science, eh Gaz? 

“Starting in Dec. 2014 I began to study the quality of the feedback in more depth, and found that the ECE theory is being studied by the best universities in the world as shown in UFT307, and has been since inception in March 2003. After only twelve years (2003 to 2015) it is a hugely influential theory that is studied by the silent majority of the best in the world. So using a military metaphor the standard model has been outflanked and is being forced to retreat or otherwise be surrounded and destroyed by silent criticism.”

Oh, that is how it works is it? We thought that they were supposed to incorporate E(Crap)E into their research and teaching. We did not know that all of the followers simply stand around, silently staring like ‘Midwich Cuckoos’.  Or have you simply cobbled together little more than 12 years of meaningless ‘noise’.

“The small group of string theorists that have taken over physics is being silently ignored by entire professions in physics, chemistry and engineering. The methods used to deal with “dissidents” or real thinkers in science are not much different from any totalitarian regime, (I know this from less than delightful first hand experience) so ECE is studied carefully in private.”

So more like a cult than a scientific movement. It sounds rather like the ineffective ‘Liberation Army’ in “Life of Brian”. 

“There has been such a huge amount of study that string theory and so on have no credibility. The scientometrics are now published in a softback volume at £8.99 by New Generation in London for the purpose of providing local libraries and the National Library of Wales with copies.”


“No science publisher can begin to match the power of AIAS publishing of, and combined. It is also known that ECE has been studied for the twelve years of its lifetime by students in the top ranking universities. It is well known to all that the old physics tried to censor ECE and stop the march of ideas, or stop the tide from coming in. Last but not least ECE is here to stay. That is easily seen by extrapolation of the very high statistical quality of the scientometrics over the past eleven years over the next fifty, hundred or n years.”

There is no success, there are no followers. This is all just a delusion. It is of interest at all only because it is a delusion held by someone who should be an ornament to British science … not a stain on its reputation.


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