Den of Iniquity

Problems in Mawr

May 26, 2015

Mr. Byron Davies, M. P.,

Want to see what a crime hotspot Ron is living in? Just look:

And why is he writing to a new MP? Because the long-suffering Mr Caton stood down at the last election.


One Response to “Den of Iniquity”

  1. Gower Watcher Says:

    Moron now claims to be as fit as he is at 65 as when he was 18. That’s ironic because villagers and former schoolmates recall him at 18 as being “very odd” or just “nuts” even then at 18 or even younger. Where’s that old Medical Certificate Ron? You know the one on which you erased the date! Why not publish that again? As for your new Conservative MP Mr Byron Davies, he can party thank you for Labour’s candidate losing the seat when you cursed her aspirations by publishing that she agreed with you on everything. That cost her several hundred votes amongst those who know you giving Mr Byron Davies a majority of 27 votes. She deserved to lose in her arrogance in not denying that she had swallowed all your utter bunkum. As a former Metropolitan Police Officer your new MP will not be stupid enough to believe your fairy tales. Anyway residents will soon alert Mr Davies MP to the facts of utter Crackpotness. Moron has just published his e mail address again on “MARQUIS” as being why not give him a message readers?

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