Is There a Nobel Prize for Lying?

My Nominations for the Nobel Prize

May 29, 2015

I have been told many times ever since I was a post doctoral that I deserve a Nobel Prize, on one occasion I was told that I deserved four of them for various discoveries.”

That is odd/unlikely, given that even your ‘opera omnia’ papers are little-cited. The speakers, if they even existed, must have been scientifically incompetent.

“I was told by Richard Amoroso on 7th June 2009 (recorded on this blog) that an anonymous member of the Nobel Prize Committee had informed Amoroso in direct conversation that I should win a Nobel Prize. Amoroso interpreted this to mean that I had received the necessary number of nominations to make it probable that I would be given a prize. ”

Amoroso is a crank who is the Director of the flaky Noetic Institute. Guess who is a Fellow there: your good friend ‘Professor’ Fucilla.

(unfortunately, Lium University seems to have fallen off the Earth). Of course, everybody there (Noetic) is a professor; just as everybody at AIAS is apparently a ‘professor’. Come to think of it, that is probably the main point of AIAS and the Noetic Institute: havens where failed academics can pretend to be successful. So can one therefore really believe anything that someone like Amoroso says? They probably nominate each other for prizes on a daily basis.  

“The world’s best reference vehicle, Marquis, has begun to record my Nobel Prize nominations.”

It has also listed the perpetual-motion conman, John Searl, as having earned a BA degree at the age of 14. The editors did not know or care that the awarding body was supposedly an orphanage! And that is the world’s best reference vehicle? Have you considered a career in stand-up comedy? Your one-liners are priceless.

“Elsevier’s SciTopics also tipped me for a Nobel Prize. So I do not think that there is any harm in mentioning this, especially as it is in the public domain.”

SciTopics did nothing of the sort. In fact, they threw you off their site as soon as they realized what you are. Tell us Ron, how do you keep the other AIAS members on-side when you tell such blatant lies? Have they no free will?


One Response to “Is There a Nobel Prize for Lying?”

  1. Gower Watcher Says:

    Carolina has come to Cwmtawe. We saw what seemed to be an unwashed dishevelled hobo walking a street on our recent visit to Cwmtawe. We were told it was the next Nobel Prize winner for spinning untruths.

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