IEEE (Institute of Execrable Electrical Engineers)

AIAS / UPITEC Conference in Idaho

May 30, 2015

I suggest that as many Fellows of AIAS and UPITEC should attend the Idaho conference, especially the electrical and electronic engineers. This would accelerate the production of a device taking energy from spacetime and using low energy nuclear reaction. Sean MacLachlan works for Hewlett Packard in Boise, Idaho and could take minutes of the meeting for future open source publication. All other aspects of ECE theory could be discussed at the same time. There is enough ECE theory to sink a supertanker, and discussion of experiments would be optimal.”

Yes, it is important to get the electrical engineers in, because they are the source of most pseudoscience. Eric Laithwaite (of ludicrous ‘gyroscopic propulsion’ infame) was of course an electrical engineer. And then there was Harold Aspden, who rushed to patent cold-fusion ahead of Fleischman when they were both at the same university*. Aspden in fact succeeded in conning £45000 out of the UK government in order to ‘develop’ an ‘over-unity’ device (aka perpetual-motion machine). The ‘motor’ was in fact the brainchild (LOL) of a Dr Adams; head of the Australian branch of IEEE! Even the convicted criminal and perpetual-motion fraudster, John Searl (see Marquis Who’s Who), was a lowly electrician and coil-winder.  We wonder how people like Siemens Stain and Sean Beanbrain manage to keep their jobs at reputable companies. To a rational physicist, that is exactly the same as a hospital employing Jimmy So-Vile. And of course that never happened. Oops!  As for experiments, it is nearly 100 years since certain real scientists were convinced that they had produced gold by non-nuclear means. What had actually happened was that they were using more accurate analysis methods than ever before, and they had in fact proved only that gold had a sufficiently high vapor-pressure to allow it to drift in, as fumes, from a another laboratory nearby. As one of the Darwins pointed out, “bad theories are the comedies of science, bad experiments are its tragedies”. So just keep up the comedy, Ron. The supertanker is a nice analogy: something which is liable to spread nasty superficial material that is difficult to clean up … even before it sinks.

*And which university was that? Oh yes, Southampton. Were you not belittling it recently just because someone there had given Sam Spade a taste of his own medicine? So, to be logical, you were saying that Southampton employs rubbish scientists: like Fleischman, the one who started the cold-fusion nonsense? Like Aspden, who stole funds that might have helped the poor? If you cannot be truthful, at least be consistent.


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