Searl Update

The convicted thief, saboteur and investment conman, John Searl, has an eerie ability (like Hitler) to persuade far more gifted people to do things for him. But he also has a history (again like Hitler) of suddenly ‘falling out’ with them as well: that is what happened with Mr Gray, original owner of the website. Among those whom Searl has bent to his will is Bradley Lockerman, minor actor and  soap-star: he, aptly, had a role in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and even persuaded Jim Carrey to pose with a group of most of the leading perpetual-motion/antigravity cranks in the world (including Ron’s sometime co-author and sometime AIAS Fellow, ‘Dr’ Bearden). Lockerman then went on to produce a very professional documentary about Searl (just as Fucilla did for Ron, but less professionally given that Tugboat was unwisely trusted with the narration). But now Searl has savagely turned on him:

(The ‘Lurch’ lookalike is Mike Windle and the other bookend is Jason Verbelli; remark how appropriate the heading seems*. Yes, watch out for these frauds.) Ron of course is one of those who has fallen under Searl’s spell, and the website has a link to one of Searl’s (many) sites. At least one of Searl’s sites has a link back to How cozy, how embarrassing. How about a vote: should the UK’s ‘leading scientist’ be so closely linked to the UK’s leading perpetual motion (and antigravity, and cancer-cure) conman?

*Note added, 10th November 2015: at the time of writing the above, the Searl page included an irrelevant heading from a newspaper, which the conmen at Searl-central had arranged as though it applied to the new non-persons. Presumably somebody objected to that and he had to step down and remove it in order to avoid a defamation case.


2 Responses to “Searl Update”

  1. Gower Watcher Says:

    TREDYFFERIN is probably a mispelling of the Welsh TRE DYFFRYN – “town in the valley”. Quite appropriate for Moron’s associates – they misunderstand and get most things wrong – partly out of utter ignorance – but more worrying mainly out of them deliberately misleading of the scientific world and everyone. When will other people write to the Queen of England asking her to admit to her mistake in granting Moron that “honour”. History will record it and the public’s acceptance. Have you got no influence Crackpotwatch?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      As we pointed out recently, HM (and indeed the ‘great and good’ as a whole) put more trust in pseudoscience than in science. For instance, HM has given her royal approval to 5 homoeopathic hospitals (we wonder what is offered at their A&E departments) and Cherie Blair wears an electronic gizmo which is claimed to protect her from germs. No, we don’t have any influence; no scientists do, and it is clear that even ‘our’ royal societies are agin us as they hand medals to the likes of Penderghastly. Even Richard Feynman had no influence: when he served on a committee to choose and ‘vet’ books for school use, he was unable to prevent error-strewn textbooks from being bulk-bought. He resigned in disgust. More seriously, when he attended the demonstration of a ‘noble-gas engine’ (perpetual-motion machine) the machine exploded, killing and injuring people. His university forced him to apologize to the conman-inventor. Until the inventor died, nobody was allowed even to use his name in accounts of the incident.

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