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History Lesson

June 30, 2015

“The inverse square law appears to have been inferred intuitively or instinctively without proof by Robert Hooke (John Aubrey “Brief Lives”). Robert Hooke of Trinity College Oxford asked Newton, in a letter, about what force law (in modern terms) is needed for an elliptical orbit. According to Aubrey (who was advised in detail by Hooke), Newton at first got the answer wrong. He assumed that an inverse r law is needed whereas an inverse r squared law is needed. Hooke gave Newton the right answer much later than 1665, so Newton could not have inferred it in that year as the old story goes.”

Tsk tsk, Ron, where did you get all of that schoolteacher-level ‘boiler-plate’ history? Penderghastly? Koestler? Every specialist knows that it was Ismael Bouillaud (1605-1694) who first proposed the inverse-square law; if only to annoy Kepler, with his reciprocal law. In fact, it is all much ado about nothing; mathematical physicists know that one can assume either law in the case of simple orbits. It is just a matter of changing the frame of reference. Stop us if we are getting too technical for you.



June 29, 2015

As the bidding heats up, with WTF running neck-and-neck with LMFAO, we worry about the safety of the documents. Presumably they are kept in your walk-in fireproof vault where any insurance company would have insisted that you keep them. They are not insured? What if there is a fire, or a robbery? As you claim to live in a crime-ridden area, is it not unwise to keep such valuable items at home? It is of no use to claim that thieves would be unable to sell such a famous collection; famous works-of-art are often stolen for ransom … or to be savored in secret by an eccentric billionaire … or even to be used as ‘currency’ in big drug-deals.

More CV-Inflation

June 29, 2015

Ron recently wanted to add an MSc to Penderghastly’s qualifications, even though the latter’s own CV did not include one. Who gets an MSc, without first getting a BSc? Here is another case where Ron ‘bigged-up’ his ‘staff’. The late Alexander Labounsky was invariably described by Ron as being the ‘retired Chief Engineer of Boeing’. Labounsky however described himself as having merely been an ‘Associate Technical Fellow’ at Boeing. It goes almost without saying that he was an electrical engineer; what would pseudoscience do without electrical engineers? Why all of this inflation, Ron, are your staff not good enough for you? Perhaps if your waste paper sells on Ebay, you will be able to buy degree-mill doctorates for your more lowly staff-members. That will put them right up there with your friends, Bearden and Valone.  

English as a Second Language

June 28, 2015

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of UFT318

June 28, 2015

This is an excellent section as usual and co author Horst Eckardt introduces the condition needed to obtain an Euler Bernoulli resonance structure and graphs the results from the model. This is one of the first applications of the ECE2 theory. There is only one small typo it should be “Aharonov” in the heading.”

Really? Only ‘one small typo’. It seems to us that a ‘bright schoolboy’ could spot far more than one. A pedant could spot even more. And the experienced journal-editors among us can see errors that, admittedly, 99.99% of the population would think to be correct English. Try to do better (with the English; the content is of course claptrap).

How Perpetual-Motion Scams Work

June 28, 2015

First one listens to the incredibly inept Tesla spiel,

and then one buys into the con in some way. But check the (literally) small print here,

In effect, perpetual-motion scams work in the same way that ‘alternative health’ scams work: that is, one buys the product and – if it fails to produce results (which it will fail to do) – that failure is blamed on the consumer, not on the supplier.  

Note added, 21/10/15:

Ron’s Place in Society

June 28, 2015

“Device constructed for Back EMF generation, with Permanent & Electromagnetic (Motor /Generator) functions’.
This unite is modeled in the concepts and theme born of this list of individuals whom have leaded the way of this technology.
John C. BEDINI / Tom Bearden / Floyd Sweet / Gabriel Kron / Dr. T. Henry Moray /Teruo Kawai / Dr. Myron Evans / Bill Muller / Joseph Newman / John Searl / Nikola Tesla : just to name a few the list is endless yet nearly non are known in our main stream public majority community
All have produced such models or prototypes researching this technology in an equal number of differing variations, configurations and materials.”

This is from the description below a crackpot video,

It will not be evident to laymen that there is a genuine scientist there who should not be listed together with the cranks and scam-artists. That scientist is … Gabriel Kron (the loony-tunes think that his concept of ‘negative resistance’ implies energy-from-nowhere. It does not).

Dealing with the Only Civil-List Pseudoscientist … Ever

June 27, 2015

Dealing with Harassers

June 27, 2015

To Mr Byron Davies M. P. Gower It is up to the police of course to find the hate blog harassers, you have plenty of clues and leads by now and something must be done about trolls. I would like them prosectued to the full extent of the law, and probably, so does Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, a former Minister as you know.”

It is of course up to scientists, and especially physicists, to decide what is harassment and what is fair scientific comment on the activities of someone who daily brings a valued accolade, and the reputation of Welsh academia, into disrepute. We would like an inquiry to be made – by a panel of relevant academics – into whether a petition should be made to HM Queen Elizabeth to remove this honour from someone who has does nothing but bring shame upon it. 

“Ioan Richard and Phil Owen are two know harassers and are not above the law. ”

They have done their best to bring this fiasco to public attention, but are crippled by not understanding the scientific issues involved. On the other hand, one does not have to be an expert to know that perpetual-motion and antigravity are impossible and that only confidence-tricksters claim to have achieved them. Evans is associated with several of these fraudsters, and praises others. He is also on record as believing that the Bessler Wheel, perhaps the most notorious fake perpetual-motion machine in history, was a feasible device. This claim alone marks him out as being a pseudoscientist of the first water.

“Scientists worldwide have been totally ignoring the hate blog for two or three years, we know this from our famous scientometrics (UFT307 on and a book I have just published).”

Scientists have also been totally ignoring Evans and his deceptive websites. Scientometrics was established as a means of measuring the impact of a scientist’s work. Unscrupulous ‘scientists’ (usually in third-world countries) have undermined the concept by packing their papers with references to their own work. Efforts are being made to weed out such crooked activities. A notable feature of Evans’ ECE ‘work’, in particular, is that nearly 100% of references to it are made by Evans and his associates. Realizing finally how embarrassing that is, he has now invented his own form of ‘scientometrics’; a form unused by anyone else. He simply counts every visit to his blog or websites as indicating complete acceptance of his work. Even then, he has to filter-out 98% of this data because it does not fit his needs; with the visitors known to be arriving from gambling, pornographic, pseudoscientific or other dubious websites. The ‘consultations’ represented by the remaining 2% are also meaningless, because the motives of the visitors cannot be known. If several visits from different places happen to coincide, Evans then concludes that this was a ‘conference’ being held on his ‘work’.  One does not have to be a scientist to appreciate how ludicrous these claims are. Even if his personal version of scientometrics were accurate, it would not explain why everybody else in the world had spontaneously decided to stop citing his work.

“Ioan has harassed me for years in many strange ways, for example he wrote to the publishers of volume one of my autobiography, and the hate blog has e mailed everyone, including my Norman ancestor Payne de Turbeville, known as y cythrael, the devil himself, all with no effect. They bounced off the Treasury when they tried to get my Civil List Pension removed. ”

We cannot comment on the activities of Mr Richard, but we have never exploited the ‘private’ e-mail lists which Evans so freely displays on his blog; an activity which probably infringes the Data Protection Act. Nor have we ever spoken by telephone or written letters to Evans or his pseudoscientist friends. We leave it to the likes of Evans to try to use street-level harassment and scientifically irrelevant external organs to try to win a scientific argument. If he wishes to prove us wrong scientifically, all that he has to do is to present his theories for publication by a reputable scientific journal. He will not do this because he knows that the nariest expert will reject his calculations. He will claim bias, incompetence and closed-mindedness on their part. That has always been the mark of the pseudoscientist: consult the criteria established by Langmuir and many others. 

“My distant cousin Elizabeth II would not have been amused if she heard of it. ”

Leaving side the obvious fact that everybody is a ‘distant cousin’ of some celebrity, we can only say – with the greatest respect – that HM is not qualified to judge the scientific merits and has obviously been badly misinformed/misled by her advisers. Nobody who is aware of the esteem paid to this honour by previous royal benefactors and by fellow scientists, can be insensitive to the harm done by having it brandished almost daily in support of the very sort of nonsense that Faraday, in particular, despised.

“The Civil List Pension is a high honour and Crown and Parliament must not be brought into contempt. ”

That is entirely the point, but there is no contempt involved apart from that which Evans exhibits for proper scientific process, established facts and decorum. Again, we call for a panel of eminent scientists in relevant disciplines to be consulted on this important matter. We shall abide by their decision, but it is unlikely that Evans will.

“Of course no one would bother her with the rantings of a demented troll. ”

But we would. There is, for instance, a troll who frequently calls for CERN to be closed down and who insults world-famous scientists like Hawking. He has been interviewed by a rabidly anti-semitic American ‘shock-jock’ and made no effort to correct what one of his followers had claimed when interviewed previously on the same show.  The acolyte had claimed that Einstein had been established, as a tool of oil-interests, to undermine the efforts of the crackpot, Nikola Tesla. The follower, Jackson, also claimed that Einstein had supplied information to the National Socialist Party which allowed them to build antigravity aircraft. This tool of Evans is obviously demented, but we cannot accuse Evans of being similarly afflicted because he has a medical certificate. We prefer not to speculate on why a sane person needs a certificate to that effect. 

“The point is that trolls are common criminals, and are not above the law.”

The pointing out of universally accepted facts in a non-obscene, non-threatening and – indeed – humorous manner is not trolling. On the other hand, we have lost count of the number of times that Evans has intimated what various famous rugby-players and boxers would do to trolls if he were able to point them out to said sportsmen. Some people might call those ‘death threats’. 

“I have been politically critical of Ioan for years, when he committed the common assault on me I just asked him in Welsh if he was feeling well. The middle of the road seems to be the only place in which he can try to debate. He drew his mobile immediately and threatened to report me to the police because I was carrying a small walking stick which I use to fend off dogs which people never seem to be able to control around here. I have not seen him since, neither has any one else as far as I know.”

Again we cannot comment, except to point out that reasonable people who live in small villages have long since learned to ‘rub along’ together and not to make themselves obnoxious to their neighbours by, for instance, trying to ‘lord it’ over them.

“I am all in favour of getting rid of turbines and bringing employment to Mawr. I have plans to invest in the real Welsh speaking Mawr via my Newlands Family Trust.”

Does that include the £2M that you hope to get for your waste paper? It is a well-attested observation that Welshmen who make a lot of money usually leave Wales ‘on the next bus’.

“This can only happen when Ioan finally retires (he is now 71 with a bad heart) or is voted out, and when Phil Owen resigns or is politely asked to leave.”

It sounds as if you are wishing those people ill. How enlightened.

“I am a fluent Welsh speaker, was born in this house, and know the real people of Mawr better than anyone. These include real Welsh speaking coal miners. ”

And, indeed, they know you.

“Scientists worldwide will now realize that this boring hate blog is written by a few local hicks with an infinite grudge to grind.”

To our chagrin, scientists worldwide do not take any interest in this blog (which you usually claim never to read). On the bright side, this lack of interest is due entirely to the fact that they do not take any interest in your work either. That is why we do not bother to tear your mathematics apart on a daily basis. Real scientists would not need such a demonstration, and non-scientists would not understand it. You would fool many more people if you distanced yourself from clowns like Hill, Searl, Jackson, etc. We are concerned only with the damage that you do to the Civil List, and to any young students who might be misled by your example. As for being ‘local’, you yourself claimed to have tracked it to other countries.

“Their knowledge of my work is zero, unlike the rest of the world by the millions, literally. ”

With half of us being obsessively skeptical physicists, your ‘work’ is all too familiar to us. It will be a great relief when you are publicly outed as a pseudoscientist and we can get on fully with our many other interests.

We do not interest ourselves in (literally) pedestrian matters, but those who are wise in the husbandry of public money know of the concept of cost-efficiency. Perhaps if you furnished the local council with figures on the numbers of dead and injured scattered around your house yearly by traffic accidents, it might have a firmer grip on what traffic-calming measures are worthwhile. It might otherwise look as if you are trying to get special privileges for yourself by ‘lording it’.

The Left Hand Doesn’t Know What the Right Hand is Doing

June 26, 2015

“What is ECE ?

ECE stands for Einstein-Cartan-Evans Field Theory. It is a generally covariant unified field theory developed by Myron Evans in 2003. It has nothing to do with superluminal theories, the paranormal nor the supernatural.”

This is the very first FAQ on the website. Meanwhile:

PS: Does Michael ‘No-Bubbles’ Jackson know that his soul-paper has been quietly suppressed? Was that due to embarrassment concerning its contents?

Another ‘Frenzied Attack’

June 26, 2015

319(1): New Methods of Counter Gravitation in ECE2

June 26, 2015

In this note it is shown that the gravitational vector potential cannot be assumed to be zero without introducing a contradiction, so the theory of gravitation is developed as in Eq. (20), the usual Newtonian potential is developed as in Eq. (28) ECE2 leads to zero gravitation under condition (30), which also gives the possibility of gravitational repulsion. ECE2 reduces to Newton under the condition (29). So ECE2 can be developed to explain all the effects usual ascribed to Einstein, plus a lot more. The next stage is to match ECE2 theory with x theory.”

Silly question perhaps, but what was wrong with the old methods? If Fortune-50 companies are supposedly already using perpetual-motion and antigravity, why ‘paint the lily’ (some people might write ‘gild the lily’ there, but we know our literature too). Surely, the existence of just one working perpetual-motion or antigravity machine would attract worldwide attention.  By the way, why do you never credit that schoolboy. Herbert, with the discovery of x-theory? And with regard to your fantasy listing, do not forget that although Ebay would want only £250 the taxman would want considerably more (less than £10000 of Ebay earnings are tax-free).

Don’t Call Us … We’ll Call You

June 26, 2015

“Dear Mr. [sic] Evans,

Thank you for contacting Christie’s regarding the possible sale of your property. Our specialists have carefully reviewed the information you kindly sent to us and have requested that I share with you their response. Whilst these papers are undoubtedly of scientific and literary significance, unfortunately the collection does not fit the profile of our traditional book sales. For that reason, our specialists are not able to suggest an estimate for auction or provide other information. Our specialists advise that you might wish to contact a dealer to learn if one might be of assistance, perhaps using the website of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association:

We recognize that this may be disappointing news, and although we cannot be of assistance at this time, we hope that we may be of service to you in the future.”

Most people would recognize that as being ‘a polite brush-off’; not a ‘valuation’.