Dumber and Dumbest

Here is Jim Carrey, fresh from (appropriately) the set of Dumb and Dumber, posing with the most notorious perpetual-motion conmen in the world. There is Searl, two rows back and right ‘above’ Carrey. The sinister person standing next to the pillar is ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden, former AIAS Fellow and once-close collaborator of Ron. Next to Carrey is Lockerman, whom Searl has now deemed a non-person. The frightening thing is that many of these fools had genuine doctorates (albeit usually in electrical engineering) and worked for high-tech companies (including Lockheed’s missile division). We seem to recall that the guy front-left wrote a whole book, explaining how Searl’s machine works (it doesn’t) and the guy front-right claimed to be in charge of the power-supply of an entire Indian province. On the bright side, this was 20 years ago, and quite a number of them are now dead.

Denver Conference


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