Really? A Conference?

UFT88 Studied by a Student Conference in the University of Bonn

June 2, 2015

Over the weekend the classic UFT88 was studied by a small student conference at the University of Bonn’s student organization.”

Or did one student, sitting at a row of work-stations say, “Ich kann das nicht glauben. Was für ein Idiot! Schauen Sie sich dieses verrückte Website”, and they all did so. Why do you not ask them whether that was the case? Oh dear, you do not know who they are so you cannot know what their intentions are, and they are certainly not going to send you a copy of the ‘proceedings’.  Perhaps there is a simpler explanation for the supposed ‘conferences’. If you were a mathematician you would know that clusters of events are statistically more likely than evenly-distributed ones. That is why buses come in threes, and why groups of 18/19th-century Polish cavalrymen died in short ‘outbreaks’ of the same ‘freak’ accident.  

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