Utterly Delusional

No, not entirely Ron this time. We are pushing Searl at the moment in the spirit of highlighting  ‘guilt by association’. How can anybody who believes in Searl possibly consider himself to be Nobel-prize material?

Look at this,


quite puts NASA in the shade, does it not? Just look at the company’s mission statement:

Searl Aerospace Corporation designs and manufactures commercial air and space crafts. The company also manufactures electronic and defense systems, satellite launch vehicles, and advanced information and communication systems. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in El Cajon, California.”

The site alone must be worth a pretty penny,



Here is Searl’s disgraced ’employee’, Anderson (see below), talking nonsense,


And here is Ron, contributing to the same midden,


Can one slip even a razor-blade between Searl and Ron? (oo-er, sounds like a death-threat)


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