“UFT225 was sent to CERN as soon as it was posted, and immediately covered up, no reply was received.”

But your own Book One of scientometrics (aka ‘random internet noise’) shows that CERN is guilty of over 130 visits. Therefore, by your reasoning, they already know about your ‘work’ so what is the point of sending them drivel by other means? Are you not tacitly admitting that a) either the hits are meaningless or that b) every single individual (if they exist) immediately spots it for the pseudoscience that it is?  Either way, you will not get a reply; we like to think that even the cleaners at CERN would be able spot your mistakes. Hey, did you know that the LHC was overseen by an Evans, born in a Welsh valley in 1945? He originally studied chemistry, apparently did not bother to get a PhD and only had one research fellowship. That all makes your ‘record-breaking’ DSc and numerous fellowships look pretty pointless doesn’t it? True brilliance will always shine out and be rewarded. So will humbug.


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