Well Done!

FOR POSTING : Appointment of Dr. Gareth J. Evans as co President of AIAS.

June 11, 2015

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gareth J. Evans as co President of AIAS. Some of his many achievements are summarized briefly in the attached and he is the author of about 130 refereed papers and books.”

And we heartily applaud this appointment; what better way to highlight a non-existent career as a chemist than to be made co-President of a non-existent institute with imaginary followers and demented Fellows. We would encourage all unemployed people, who lack any qualifications, to found their own ‘paper academy’, make themselves ‘president for life’ and put it on their CV. That will look very impressive … and nobody will check, apparently. This is also much cheaper than buying a doctorate from a degree-mill, as ‘Dr’ Bearden and ‘Dr’ Valone did. 


5 Responses to “Well Done!”

  1. Neuaddpantycelyn Says:

    Crackpot – can you please print Gareth Evans’ complete career CV if you know it. At Neuadd Pantycelyn, Aberystwyth – an investigation into his career and research publications has drawn a complete blank. Who is he? Where is he? What has he done in life? What does he do now? Where does he live? He is a bit of a mystery in Wales. A deluded non-entity like all the other Crackpots in AIAS.
    For information for all Crackpot readers :- Myron Evans lives at 50, Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea. He does nothing but shuffle around the village, between quarelling with near neighbours. His e mail address and phone number is on his Blog published publicly by himself in the public domain on his completed Marquis up date form.
    His status as an “ARMIGER” is a joke and besmirches the Palace.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Gareth John Evans, born 1953, Research Fellow, Aberystwyth University, September 1977 to September 1990. Scientific Officer, Ceredigion County Council, January 2000 to present. Intervening 10 years possibly spent at Trinity College, Carmarthen. Lives in Llwyndafydd Llandysul Ceredigion SA44 6LE

  2. Weirdwatcher Says:

    Maybe MOPRON should attend this event below at Neath town just eight miles from his University COTTAGE:-

    Launch of Weird Science – Awareness Campaign on New Psychoactive Substances.
    Wednesday 1st July, Gwyn Hall, Neath.

    Weird Science is an awareness and education campaign regarding New Psychoactive Substances, previously known as legal highs, which follows an inquiry in 2014 by the Welsh Government Health and Social Care Committee.

    NPS are commonly marketed as safer and legal alternatives to illegal drugs, often made in laboratories and sold via the internet or in so-called “head shops” that exist on the high street. This marketing is misleading – their side effects can be as serious (or worse) as those caused by illegal drugs, and they can be as addictive too. Often, they also contain traces of substances that are against the law to sell and take.

    The Health and Social Care Committee decided to look into this issue because the use of NPS has grown in Wales, and elsewhere, in recent years. In 2013, 60 deaths in England and Wales involved NPS, 15 per cent higher than the previous year. Members of the Committee were concerned about the health and social harms caused by NPS, and wanted to highlight the steps that need to be taken to allow people to make more informed decisions about their use of NPS.

    What the Committee said in its report was that more needs to be done to increase public awareness of the harms caused by using NPS. This should be done by: running targeted campaigns; improving education; raising parents’ awareness of NPS and what harms they can cause; and making sure that staff who provide front-line services like health care, and social and housing services, know what NPS are and what impact they can have.

    Sands Cymru, in partnership with Drugaid Cymru and DASH have developed the Weird Science Campaign to raise awareness and education regarding these new drugs initially across the Western Bay region. It is anticipated that over 400 frontline staff will attend the briefing sessions and education sessions delivered to over 2000 young people. This will then be introduced in other parts of Wales.

    NPS poses a big risk to those experimenting with these drugs, and there have already been tragic consequences as a result. These drugs are unlikely to disappear quickly and more and more are becoming available.Since 1997 more than 450 new substances have become available. In 2014 alone, over 100 new substances became available.

    I hope that you will be able to attend the launch of the campaign on the 1st of July. If you wish to attend, please email info@sandscymru.org with your expression of interest.

    Kind regards


    Rob Barker
    Training Coordinator

    Sands CYMRU
    73/74 Mansel Street,
    SA1 5TR


  3. Ron Beck Says:

    Stephen Crothers has to feel slighted by this news. After all the years of loyal service, he got passed over for the Co-Presidency. Oh well, I guess he’ll just have remain the house step-and-fetch-it boy; his true calling.

  4. Neuaddpantycelyn Says:

    Saturday 13-6-15:- Today Moron is on about the dark energy he calls coal and about his chores on his “farm” as a boy. He never lived on a “farm”. He lived in a cottage that had two small paddocks and it adjoined the common land owned by his pal the Duke of Beaufort. He needs challenging by Crackpotwatchers as to how many cows and sheep his father really kept as it never was a “farm” and sask what was the acreage area. It was a tiny, yes TINY, smallholding. Typical of Moron trying to increase his status. He must have slept late today as he has missed the news that Gareth Edwards of Welsh Rugger fame has been Knighted by the Queeen. Gareth Edwards attended a Technical School at Pontardawe at roughly the same time as Moron was at nearby Pontardawe Grammar school. These were two totally different schools and their pupils never mixed. Wait until he wakes up to read of this Knighthood and then he will post on his Science Fiction Blog the falsity that they went to school together and falsely claim they played rugger together. If he claims that after reading this, then dismiss it as FALSE! You read it here first.

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