Too Many Chiefs; No Indians at All

Welcome to Robert Cheshire as an AIAS Director

June 13, 2015

Welcome to Robert Cheshire as an AIAS Director, the honour is mine as they say. So he joins Horst Eckardt as an AIAS Director, and Dr. Gareth Evans is also officially welcomed as co President of AIAS. All AIAS Fellows in Europe are also UPITEC Fellows in the United States. Robert Cheshire has voluntarily narrated all the hugely popular essays”

Well done, Tugboat, we certainly get a big laugh out of your attempts to pronounce Poincaré and Wiechert (did Silurian-Ron coach you?).  Good too, to see the old team back together. Remember the good old ECE Technologies Limited days, Ron,  where Sewage and Siemens Stain (SS) were also made Directors? What a pity that the company folded, after a very short time, with assets of £2. We guess that that is what happens when the aim of the company is to produce perpetual-motion and antigravity machines. Which reminds us, should not Kellum, Clifford and Amador also be made Directors of AIAS? Ah, the good old days: remember also when you, SS, Dunging-Davies and Rodrigues were all fellow Directors at Steriwave? How is the latter going? Ooh, still making money. One certainly has to hand it to Professor Fucilla; he knows what sells …

This is all good clean fun, a form of scientific pornography (one can rent Tugboat for £7/hour), hidden away from the general public (and, indeed, everybody else); letting a few perverted souls imagine that they are involved in genuine science. But give a thought to what will happen if and when this whole sorry mess is exposed by a popular book. How will Siemens AG react when investors ask why one of their employees is a leading-light in the German perpetual-motion movement (pun intended)? How will Ceredigion County Council reply when journalists ask why they employ a pseudoscientist as a science officer (one, incidentally, who often seems to text his other ’employer’ during work-time)? How will a certain Royal Society respond when asked why it insulted the memory of Civil Listee Faraday by ‘fixing’ the same accolade for an utter crackpot? Yep, there’s a storm a-comin’


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