Sour Grapes

“I don’t think that he could describe the inverse Faraday effect,”

Why not? One only has to glance at Van der Ziel et al’s 1965 paper. 

“and this type of abstraction will not get anywhere.”

It has certainly never got you anywhere, but you are not a physicist.

“This is an example of the item you sent recently on physics having deteriorated into meaningless symbolism. The cave drawings of Lascaux could do much better. Physics is a difficult subject that needs a lot of hard work and study, most people just duck the hard work and equations and switch on the media.”

Whereas you duck the hard work and (unfortunately) switch your computer on.

“Abstract symbolism is very easy to turn out without ever bothering to test it experimentally. You just make tiny adjustments like this one by Smolin.”

A true word finally. So when did you last test anything experimentally? Forcing a crackpot theory to fit pre-existing data, by careful adjustment, is just modelling and does not count as proof of that theory.

“He is part of the in crowd so has a captive media. ”

Yes, the ‘in-crowd’ which publishes – for good or ill – in leading peer-reviewed journals. Not at all like the cranks who publish in crackpot journals that have been founded just to serve the lunatic fringe. And not at all like the sort of loony who cannot even do that.

“As you know ECE is based on the inverse Faraday effect, which is why a real physicist like Vigier liked the idea of B(3). It is experimentally based.”

Real physicists do not turn up at the same conference that welcomes the likes of Searl. Whatever Vigier may have done in his youth does not mean that he might not have gone mad, or become senile, in later life. 

“I have not read a word by Smolin, and very probably vice versa.”

A very safe bet, given that nobody reads what you write.

2 Responses to “Sour Grapes”

  1. Neuaddpantycelyn Says:

    A colleague of mine phoned the LOCAL weekly newspaper in Aberystwyth this week – THE CAMBRIAN NEWS – to tell the Editorial team to check out and write about the great achievments of local boyo Gareth Evans of Llandysul. The reporters were initially very interested for a brief moment, and then the penny dropped. They then abruptly said they were not interested in this Group led by Moron Evans and ended the conversation. So Moron, and your Group of BOGUS Scientists – you cannot even interest a small local newspaper to run a story on your activities in the world of fantasy science fiction. What says you to this Crackpotwatch?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We have tried to persuade all sorts of media to take an interest (as with many other things that hide under rocks, the light of day will kill). However, nobody was interested: not even Fortean Times.

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