Craigcefnparc News #5

A correspondent writes:

“Moron should not quarrel with all of those in his village because his neighbours will not talk to him. This is obvious, in that nobody has told him that this very week that plans were unveiled, with his cousin the Duke of Beaufort’s approval, to enclose off all of Mynydd Gelliwastad with secure fencing. Yes Moron, to enclose off, with secure fencing, all of Mynydd Gelliwastad where you walk, behind your two up two down cottage University Science Institute. Maybe you need to call up Sian Fansi and Gething Gruffone to plant a potaoe there urgently to claim the mountain as a garden allotment for the Owing Clingdour Embassy run by Sian Fansi before Mynydd Gelliwastad is lost forever.Any thoughts on this readers and Moron? The fence is already up on the southern end – it will possibly enclose and annexe the old boundaries of the Newlands EState very soon. Ask the village Moron.”


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