Old Hat Again

Discussion of Note 318(5): Zero Gravitation in the Laboratory

June 22, 2015

Many thanks, much appreciated. I think we should implement the advice given by AIAS Co President Gareth Evans and computer simulate, design and build a zero gravitation device from the quite simple ECE2 theory.”

Oh, Ron, Ron, Ron; that is not even news. Lense and Thirring pointed out decades ago that general relativity shows how to produce levitation. Bob Forward, of Hughes Aircraft, long ago published (in a non-crank physics journal) a circuit which could ‘do the job’. To save you the trouble of finding that paper: this is what to do: get a large torus (a later British Aerospace sketch seemed to favour dimensions of some 1ft x 12ft). Then wrap 6in i.d. tubing around it in a fairly loose spiral. Now it gets slightly difficult. Procure several tons of osmium (lead and gold are not dense enough); perhaps Ceredigion County Council could get the rate-payers to fund that. After all, the fact that their science officer is immersed in antigravity research can only bring CCC fame and government approbation. Melt the osmium (you can alloy it with, say, iridium in order to lower the melting-point). Now here is where an old wartime stirrup-pump could prove to be handy, if you still have one. Get the whole crew (Sewage, Tugboat, Siemens Stain, etc.) aboard and prepare for take-off. According to Bob Forward, all that you have to do now  is to pump that liquid metal through the tubing at a rate of about 100000 times the speed of sound. Simple, eh?  Bob deduced all of that by dimensionless analysis. Have you applied it to your circuit?  It’s that c^2 factor which spoils everything.


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