You are in a Hole, Ron: Stop Digging

“In ECE2 theory g can be reduced to zero by putting device on board an aircraft. In this case there is no gravitational force of attraction between m and M. In the Newtonian picture g can never be reduced to zero. Similarly the electrostatic force of attraction can be reduced to zero, and this again can never happen in the Coulomb law, only in ECE2. I would think of it in exactly the same terms as spin connection resonance where the gravitational or electrostatic potentials can become infinite. That again cannot happen in Newtonian and Coulombic dynamics. If there is no g, there is no g force, so things float around in a spacecraft. In that case the g is eliminated because the gravitational force is counterbalanced by the centrifugal force as you know. The gravitational field is that of the earth, and is “counterbalanced” by the mathematics of this note.”

What a fine collection of schoolboy howlers. There is no such thing as centrifugal force, Ron; it is just a trick for simplifying certain calculations. Damn that D’Alembert for confusing the simple-minded. The gravitational force on an orbiting spaceship is not negated (retaining as it does over 90% of its sea-level value); it is not even opposed by anything. The spacecraft falls towards Earth, just as the Moon has always done. But they never hit Earth. Can you see why Ron, can you? It is because their first-law ‘sideways’ movement forever causes them to miss Earth. Check out Newton’s canon thought-experiment if you cannot understand any of this. But be careful which version you read. Your hero, Koestler (strongly suspected of murder, by the way), managed to misunderstand it and put a very silly (i.e. wildly incorrect) diagram into one of his second-rate potboilers. He must have sleepwalked into that one, or perhaps it was too dark for him at noon. Would spacecraft fall to Earth if their motion were impeded in some way? No, they would move further away. They also suffer acceleration, but their speed never changes; you can take that puzzle to be your homework.  Now, about your antigravity aircraft: is it not going to be rather difficult to control? When it was still gravity-bound, the Earth was already trying to fling it from the surface, like mud from a tyre, and the atmosphere was already trying to make it float like a balloon. Without any g to protect it, these usually minor forces become the only ones and the craft will float helplessly into space. Of course, this is pure fantasy: your theory and calculations are aberrant nonsense, and there is no such thing as antigravity or perpetual motion. 


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