Private Memo to Siemens Stain

“Sent: 25/06/2015 09:25:01 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: 318(7): Tuning an On Board Electric Field for Zero or Repulsive g Forces

This seems to be a quite unsual approache to me. Normally a “test mass” is assumed not to distort the external field by its own field. If size dimensions are reversed, the “external field” is tiny and extremely altered. In our case the field of the small mass m is totally dominated by the nearly constant gravitational force of the earth. There is no field of type 1/r^2 around mass m.
I guess that your argument is that the attractive force between both masses is equal with reversed sign, so modifying the “g” of one mass should alter both forces, even if one of the g’s is tiny. This will certainly be a challenging view for physicists. I suggest making this point clear in the paper.


Hello, SS, you are quite right to question der Führer, because he is a chemist and knows little physics. Your computer-checking is quite meaningless of course because you can find only algebraic mistakes. Neither of you is able to formulate the correct physical model, and no amount of computer-checking can detect that sort of mistake. You do not believe us? Try this simple problem, which is very pertinent to your current loony exchanges: if a planet-sized spherical mass is located close to a football-sized sphere, at what point do the gravitational fields cancel? As a follow-up question, is there more than one such point? Der Führer will be unable to work it out because it is a case which is never discussed in textbooks; it took one of us the best part of an hour.


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