Another ‘Frenzied Attack’

319(1): New Methods of Counter Gravitation in ECE2

June 26, 2015

In this note it is shown that the gravitational vector potential cannot be assumed to be zero without introducing a contradiction, so the theory of gravitation is developed as in Eq. (20), the usual Newtonian potential is developed as in Eq. (28) ECE2 leads to zero gravitation under condition (30), which also gives the possibility of gravitational repulsion. ECE2 reduces to Newton under the condition (29). So ECE2 can be developed to explain all the effects usual ascribed to Einstein, plus a lot more. The next stage is to match ECE2 theory with x theory.”

Silly question perhaps, but what was wrong with the old methods? If Fortune-50 companies are supposedly already using perpetual-motion and antigravity, why ‘paint the lily’ (some people might write ‘gild the lily’ there, but we know our literature too). Surely, the existence of just one working perpetual-motion or antigravity machine would attract worldwide attention.  By the way, why do you never credit that schoolboy. Herbert, with the discovery of x-theory? And with regard to your fantasy listing, do not forget that although Ebay would want only £250 the taxman would want considerably more (less than £10000 of Ebay earnings are tax-free).


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