Ron’s Place in Society

“Device constructed for Back EMF generation, with Permanent & Electromagnetic (Motor /Generator) functions’.
This unite is modeled in the concepts and theme born of this list of individuals whom have leaded the way of this technology.
John C. BEDINI / Tom Bearden / Floyd Sweet / Gabriel Kron / Dr. T. Henry Moray /Teruo Kawai / Dr. Myron Evans / Bill Muller / Joseph Newman / John Searl / Nikola Tesla : just to name a few the list is endless yet nearly non are known in our main stream public majority community
All have produced such models or prototypes researching this technology in an equal number of differing variations, configurations and materials.”

This is from the description below a crackpot video,

It will not be evident to laymen that there is a genuine scientist there who should not be listed together with the cranks and scam-artists. That scientist is … Gabriel Kron (the loony-tunes think that his concept of ‘negative resistance’ implies energy-from-nowhere. It does not).


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