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July 31, 2015

Examples of Contemporary Faux Pas

July 31, 2015

There are thousands of these in science, literature and art. The most important poet of the early twentieth century writing in English, Yeats, was dismissed in Ireland for having betrayed the Georgian style of “The Lake Isle of Inisfree” for example. I know what Inis Free means from Ynys y Brwyn in Welsh, the Island of Heather. The most important novelist of the twentieth century writing in English, Joyce, was banned in Ireland for many years. They were both Civil List Pensioners (Yeats 1911, Joyce 1916). Turner was dismissed as soot and whitewash, ”

We are surprised that you did not mention Robert Browning and this stanza from Pippa Passes,

 Then owls and bats
   Cowls and twats
   Monks and nuns in a cloister’s moods
   Adjourn to the oak-stump pantry

He was under the impression that a twat was a sort of wimple. And vice versa? Perhaps sickly Elizabeth’s attraction was entirely due to a similar confusion of wimple for Wimpole. But, enough arty jocularity. We can forgive Browning a lot on the grounds that he ridiculed Uri Geller types in his Mr Sludge the Medium, and was not entirely fooled by the perpetual-motion fraudster, J.E.W.Keely. 

“Jackson Pollock as a random dripper, van Gogh and Gauguin as wild beasts (le fauves), Dylan Thomas is still castigated in the Swansea area as an idle waster despite the crass commercialization of his name.”

These were all deeply unpleasant people who spent most of their lives in a drink and/or drug-induced haze. It is only their life-styles and sleazy activities which attracted attention in the first place, and it is only their deaths that make their work valuable. Their ‘work’ speaks only to investors or to those who suffer from the same character-defects.

“Science is particularly prone to dismissing new ideas out of hand, nearly every new idea has been dismissed by some contemporaries or authority, starting with Galileo and Bruno. General relativity was dismissed out of hand by the classicists.”

That is only natural. Everything has to prove its worth. In the case of the arts, it is just a matter of opinion and hype. In science, there is always recourse to experimental tests.

“ECE was subjected to a barrage of fraud and misrepresentation using the media. This has now faded away almost completely.”

It was subjected to the normal scientific process, and found decidedly wanting. If negative comment has faded away, then so has positive comment as well. Is that not rather strange? Why are all of your fans only consuming your nonsense-output and not using it in any way?

“Almost every single item of ECE and ECE2 now appears on the first page of google by using an intelligent selection of key words.”

Have you tried turning off Google’s preemptive text option? It is much more likely that ECE is at the top simply because of what you have used as search terms in previous searches.

“Only history can judge properly, and the scientometrics show how history will judge. In our times science is far more intolerant than ever before, and pseudoscience is made into mediaeval idolatry. I am sure that some of my contemporaries would have burnt me at the stake opposite Aberystwyth pier if they could. These people have been long forgotten already.”

No need to wait that long. Science has already written you off as an irrelevant wimple: that is why it is vital that you be removed from the civil list asap. 



July 30, 2015

Query about the June 2015 archive of on

July 30, 2015

Diolch yn fawr, thank you very much, the link is:

and is found in the reference links section of my page, “Myron Evans”

The concept of archiving sounds so grand, so official, that many people may not realize what sort of drivel (quite apart from Ron’s) this site scrapes together. Here is an example:,cntnt01,output,0&cntnt01url=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5sb29ueXBhcnR5LmNvbS9pbmRleC5waHA%2FcGFnZT1wZXJwZXR1YWwtbW90aW9uJnNob3d0ZW1wbGF0ZT1mYWxzZQ%3D%3D&cntnt01pageid=103&cntnt01script=1&cntnt01returnid=103

It is of course a joke, but they cannot even get the joke right. The conceit is that the cat cannot land on its back. and the toast cannot land plain-side down. Then, surely, the cat should be standing on the buttered side of the toast, One wonders whether Ron’s work will ever inspire such detailed analysis.


July 30, 2015

A Boxer and a Fighter (Simon and Garfunkel)

July 30, 2015

You have to be a fighter to overturn dogma entrenched in concrete,”

How nice of Ron to suggest a suitable theme-song for himself; especially the lines:

All lies and jest
Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest.

which pretty much sums up Ron’s ‘fingers-in-ears’ attitude to proven physics. The lyrics even contain ‘mumbles’; presumably Simon and Garfunkel did not know that Mumbles is a proper noun in Swansea.

Hopelessly Confused Ron

July 28, 2015

Concept of the Rest Frame

July 28, 2015

This is most clearly illustrated by the Minkowski metric

c squared d tau squared = (c squared – v squared) dt squared

in which v’ = 0, and in which tau = t’ is the time in the primed or rest frame, known as the proper time. Therefore v’ in the primed or rest frame is zero because the frame moves with the particle. When a timing device is flown in a spacecfaft around the earth”

Ron writes about relativity as if he is cribbing randomly from elementary textbooks. He mixes up various phenomena, which is odd for someone who claims to know the subject so much better than everybody else. The aeroplane is a particularly bad example of time dilation because the latter would occur even for a stationary Harrier. In fact, the dilation due to the effects of special relativity is there dwarfed by the dilation due to the gravitational field gradient, and that is a feature of general relativity. We shall be interested to see what Ron has to say about the treatment of accelerations using special relativity. Here is a little-known historical fact: the γ factor can be found in the 18th-century works of Euler.  Sadly, one of the experimenters who carried out the aeroplane test later fell for the pseudoscience of the Russian nut, Kozyrev. It was the latter’s crackpot ideas that Hayasaka and Takeuchi were pursuing when they performed their silly gyroscope-weighing experiments,


July 27, 2015

Future Volume of J Cosmology Devoted to ECE

July 27, 2015

Agreed with this, GJE could also draft up a more detailed article if he wishes.”

We are strangely confident that this will occur, if only on the grounds that Journal of Cosmology is just one of the spreading plague of pseudoscientific rags that masquerade as genuine scientific enterprises. Non-experts are easily fooled by a few unscrupulous people whose doctorates have not ‘taken’ (in the sense of immunizing against self-deception) and by the trappings of a genuine journal. Another factor is that one of the directors appears to be related to the anti-evolutionist Professor Wickramasinghe who was a disciple of the loony anti Big-Bang creationist ‘germs-from-space’ crank, Fred Hoyle. Laymen really should realize that scientists, like actors, are only as good as their performance. This is especially true of Nobel prize-winners, more than one of whom have gone on to become cranks. 

Personal Note to Professor No-Bubbles Jackson

July 24, 2015

“The business model of charging high fees to read old research papers, is contemptible, and corrupt. By first, controlling what gets published, and second, limiting public exposure, the advance of science is slowed to a standstill. Apparently, halting human progress is their goal.
Link to article:


Michael Jackson”

But why should fees affect you? Surely a professor has access to the full range of academic papers via his university. We do: pay-walls just melt away. Or is it simply the case that Evans has been ‘bigging you up’ in his usual pathetic and dishonest fashion? We would put money on your being an electrical engineer, even if only the sort of engineer who services washing-machines.

Does That Chair Come with Wrist Restraints?

July 24, 2015

Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Six Corporations

July 24, 2015

Many thanks to AIAS Fellow and Professor Michael Jackson of Lubbock, Texas.”

Is that a personal chair, Ron? At what university is it held? Or is it a post located in your own personal cloud cuckoo land? Let us recall what ‘Professor’ Michael No-Bubbles Jackson said on the Jeff ‘Rancid’ Rense show:

Why do you not make more of the amazing ‘facts’ imparted by ‘Professor’ Jackson, that a) Einstein was installed in the Bern patent office, by the Rockefellers (06.44), in order to undermine Tesla and b) that Cartan sent his ideas to Einstein in 1929, who then sent them to Germany so that the Nazis could later build antigravity craft (07.30). It must be true; after all, when you were yourself interviewed later by the rabid anti-semite eminent radio host, you made no effort to correct Jackson’s statements.  Also, why have you not mentioned the subsequent ‘attempted assassination’ of that eminent radio host rabid anti-semite?

Is that the same sort of ‘psychotronic weapon’ that your friend ‘Dr’ Bearden (co-author and former AIAS Fellow) is frightened of? Perhaps it was one of those Jim Beam weapons or Southern Comfort devices.

Daddy’s Stats Pac Revisited

July 23, 2015

There seems to be something wrong with Lindy’s program … or with Lindy. A plot of the equation shown does not appear to produce the accompanying graph. Visitors are invited to try for themselves using:

and that is needed only for the first equation; the second equation is clearly wrong by inspection (e.g. evaluate it for x = 1). Is Lindy perhaps using some new brand of ECE statistics?

Statement of Fact

July 23, 2015

Noise Eliminated Long Term Performance

July 22, 2015

Many thanks again to AIAS Director Dr. Douglas Lindstrom in Canada. These graphs show the growth of interest in ECE and ECE2 very clearly, up to a sustained plateau of intense interest which will last for the foreseeable future. The theory has a vast and permanent following throughout the world in all sectors of interest. Also, there is a great amount of interest in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers, which develop the vacuum theory to show how energy is taken from spacetime. Papers UFT311 and UFT 321 both give precise details of circuits, prove experimentally the existence of the spin connection and show how circuits can be designed. So engineers worldwide can begin in earnest to build circuits to take energy from spacetime. Doug Lindstrom opened the Coeur d’Alene energy conference in Idaho, and his talk was very well received by 150 participants. It was on ECE theory applied to LENR and new energy. ECE theory is far in advance of the standard model of physics and is the only theory that gives a coherent description of these new energy sources. In my opinion these are very important, fully deserving public and private funding.”

One of the earliest perpetual motion machines was an ‘electromagnetic’ one: i.e. just a ferromagnetic ball being caused to make repeated cycles by a lodestone. That is, of course, nonsense because any such system will seek out a minimum-energy state, and stay there: no cyclic process (which might be ‘tapped’ as an energy source) is possible. With the 19th-century discovery of induction arrived the true exploitation of electromagnetism … so did the attempted patenting of self-driving electric motors. The irony is that electrical engineers have always been at the forefront of this movement. The so-called Adams motor was backed by a Harold Aspden (who also backed many other loony ideas). The shocking thing is that these idiots were not bumbling or crafty amateurs (like Searl): Adams was the head of the New Zealand chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Aspden was the head of European patenting for IBM (who later, it seems, installed him in a sinecure at Southampton University). Such people are a menace: the natural reaction of the layman is to think that perpetual-motion is possible because it has been vouched-for by highly-qualified engineers. The correct viewpoint is to think that there is something incredibly wrong with the education of electrical engineers. No physicist would fall for a scheme that contravenes the laws of thermodynamics. But, counter the loonies, it is not a contradiction: they claim that the magnet itself is a source of energy, or that they are tapping a hidden energy source  – so the laws still apply. They then steal concepts from physics, such as zero-point energy, to bolster their claims. Unfortunately, physicists who specialize in those topics do not agree that such energy is exploitable: there is certainly no experimental evidence … apart from the supposed proof offered by the loony inventions themselves. But we have seen, from that recent conference, that these people believe just about anything (aliens at the Pentagon, channeled tales of Atlantis, mystical effects of electrical apparatus, etc.). So any physicist will say, without hesitation, that – given that these gadgets are contrary to the laws of thermodynamics – any attempt to sell them, to sell plans for them or to seek investment in them, are clear-cut criminal activities. And that accusation should also apply to those who collude by providing faked ‘theoretical proof’ of their viability.  This means, not to put too fine a point on it, that the Civil List Scientist is actively engaged in supporting illegal activity, and has even used the address of HM Treasury as his affiliation when claiming that ‘magnetic motors’ (i.e. output with no input) are feasible.   

Amazing for the Wrong Reason

July 23, 2015

Looks Like a Timer Problem Developing

July 23, 2015

Many thanks, these scientometrics from 2002 to present are amazing. Nothing remotely similar has existed in science impact measurement. This is a team effort and I extend my gratitude to all concerned. In the past things were often random and subjective, now all is objective.”

There has indeed been no other lunatic-fringe group, with pretensions to being scientific, which has had to concoct its own desperately meaningless measure of success because any rational definition of academic influence (such as citation by independent researchers) would reveal its utter isolation. Never has such irrelevant information been collected with such obsessive zeal. It would all be so comical … if it were not simultaneously also so so sad.