Tell a Lie Often Enough …

All Out Effort to Stop Mynydd y Gwair

July 3, 2015

By googling “Greece wind turbines default” one finds that wind turbines are an economic catastrophe. I told you so years ago.”

In fact, that yields no hits at all. Did you not see the sub-heading indicating that each word was therefore being sought separately? Is that how you do all of your research; you see what you want to see and then tell lies about it? How goes your lebensraum, by the way? Do you have any further territorial claims in Europe?


3 Responses to “Tell a Lie Often Enough …”


    To my knowledge, as the long serving elected County Councillor for Mynydd y Gwair, the web postings of Myron Evans regarding Mynydd y Gwair are all based on fantasy and delusions. There is no evidence whatsoever of him ever opposing the destruction of Mynydd y Gwair by the proper channels, other than the empty hollow rants on his own blog site. His web blog site does not allow comments of TRUTH in this issue or of any other things he writes. Thus I have to resort to posting this rebuttal of his lurid comments here on “Crackpotwatch”. Indeed, I believe Myron Evans was still in the USA when the village started the campaign to save Mynydd y Gwair. This was when a real Professor, David Bellamy, led a protest march of over a thousand local people up the mountain. Let me add that since returning here from the USA he has done nothing positive in the Community other than to defame those who disagree with him on matters of TRUTH. I advise people to do a web search for the village local Action Group SOCME, and also its photo gallery. There is no mention of Myron Evans anywhere! Light the blue touch paper and wait to be defamed!


    The Wales Government Inspector’s Report of sixty pages and the Wales Government Agricultural Minister’s Report of sixteen pages are both now published listing the names of OBJECTORS to the Mynydd y Gwair Wind Turbines. Surprise, surpise the names of Myron Evans and Sian Ifans and Gethin Gruffudd and Geoff Ifans are not listed as objectors. CONCLUSION must be that none of them did anything to save the Mountain. It is Tuesday 7th of July today, The local newspaper the SOUTH WALES EVENING POST will report the verdict tomorrow. No doubt the fantasisers will claim they saved the mountain. The fact is they did nothing except rant. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL.

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