The Other Evans

Independent Comment on UFT311

July 3, 2015

Many thanks for this comment, much appreciated. In my opinion this is an important circuit and UFT311 an important paper that demonstrates precisely the existence of the spin connection. So congratulations to all concerned.

In a message dated 02/07/2015 18:51:50 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Dr. Evans,

My wife found the site below. Looks interesting.;topicseen


We pointed out last year that this loony site is run from an art-gallery in Polegate, Sussex,

by a Mr Peter Evans. The gallery itself has closed, so either Mr Evans was not a very good art-dealer … or he is making more money out of misinforming the public. Alexa and Siteprice show that his site ($800pa) is far more successful than ($36pa) or ($0pa).

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