Day Late, Dollar Short … As Usual

320(2): The Earth’s Gravitomagnetic Field

July 7, 2015

By considering the ECE2 gravitomagnetic Lorentz force (1), and using the results of UFT235 and UFT236, it is shown straightforwardly that the gravitomagnetic field for an object m in planar orbit around the mass M of the earth is the angular velocity of the earth, multiplied by the unit vector k of the plane polar coordinate system.”

Have you never heard of the Gravity B experiment, Ron? Every physicist knows that this sort of effect has already been measured

So, do the data match your calculations? That is unlikely because a) the effect of the field is more subtle than you imagine it to be and b) the data prove Einstein to be correct.  Experiment trumps theory every time. Any loony can waffle about their theory, as indeed you do, but the only real physics is experimentally confirmed physics. Twisting a theory to fit known data also does not count; that is just ‘modelling’.


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