Dissent in the Ranks?

As we never tire of pointing out, Ron has made some very embarrassing remarks about the conman, Searl, about the viability of Bessler’s Wheel and about the supposed antigravity properties of the humble Levitron toy (as advanced by Kellum). It seems that Ron has edited-out some of his more extreme comments re Searl, but he is happy to allow the rest of the rubbish to be archived (from where it will certainly be ‘excavated’ later by critics of pseudoscience and students of abnormal psychology). Now, at first sight, upitec.org looks like a mirror-site, where Ron’s blog entries are reproduced almost immediately. But could it be that the good people of Upitec still cling to some hope of maintaining a shred of scientific reputation? For it is noticeable that all references to Searl, Bessler and Kellum have been expunged from that site. Well done, lads, there is hope for you yet …  but does Ron know that you are censoring him?


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