Same Old Scam

FOR POSTING as UFT321: Second Paper in the Ide Circuit

July 9, 2015

This is an excellent paper by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom, proving the existence of spin connection resonance and reproducing the Ide results precisely using both theory and experiment. I guess that this will be presented at the Idaho conference by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom. Congratulations to both colleagues. In terms of engineering this is a very important paper, and in terms of natural philosophy it proves the existence of the spin connection experimentally. Devices such as these should be mass produced as soon as possible.”

Or, as a physicist would put it, a bunch of incompetent electrical engineers has used unsuitable measuring techniques which have then thrown up apparent anomalies. They have then fiddled with the mathematics so as to make the results seem to support a crackpot theory. This sort of nonsense is not even new: over twenty years ago there was the ‘Sunburst’ machine, promoted by the loony brother of film-director Brian De Palma and vouched-for by a professor (sic) of electrical engineering. There is definitely something wrong with the education system. How do these people obtain degrees? How do they hang on to their jobs?


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