Who Knew?

Gerardus ‘t Hoot joins heads with Koberlein

July 10, 2015

Never heard of either. It has been clear for years that ‘t Hooft’s work is obsolete and I never read it.”

That is perfectly clear, as you are obviously unaware of the huge number of real scientific papers that exist concerning general relativity … including, as we pointed out some time ago, papers that incorporate the torsion which you claim is ignored. Cranks, like terrorists, certainly benefit from the practice of ‘asymmetrical warfare’. That is, the crackpots offer their nonsense for free whereas genuine results tend to be hidden behind paywalls. In addition, the loony ideas are always negative rather than positive, and that appeals – ironically – to the sort of amateurs who are always against anything new. Finally, the idiot tendency likes to employ either simple but specious models or to ‘baffle-with-science’ using advanced (but flawed) mathematics. They cannot understand the sophisticated mathematics which have outgrown them, and neither can their followers. It would be preferable to ignore these terrorist pseudoscientists altogether. However, like ISIS, they enrage everyone (except their gormless fans) by blindly chipping-away at the symbols of established culture.   


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