Private Defective

A Nobel Laureate Muttering to Himself

July 11, 2015

Many thanks, this is an excellent paper as usual by Stephen Crothers, who was unjustly denied a Ph. D. degree for telling the truth, a revolting injustice. Best regards to the Salzburg Conference. As a Nobel Prize nominee myself I summarize ‘t Hooft in the manner of Professor G. Marx of New York City: “Who would join a club that takes people like me?”

Sent: 11/07/2015 02:08:48 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: A Talk in Salzburg

Dear Scientists,

Here is a short and simple paper which I distributed to my audience in Salzburg today:

A Few Things You Need to Know to Tell if a Nobel Laureate is Talking Nonsense, 10 July 2015,

Yours faithfully,
Steve Crothers”

No, Sam Spade is just an autodidact who had a particularly bad teacher. He was wisely kept out of academic life because he clearly could not understand the subtleties of the associated mathematics and has naturally fallen into the sump with all of the other pseudoscientists, assorted losers and bare-faced liars. You know, the sort of liar who claims to have been nominated for a Nobel Prize. There is one ‘club’ that you certainly should not have been allowed to join, Ron, and that is the community of civil-list pension recipients, We shall not rest until this horrible anomaly becomes a matter of public debate and censure. Meanwhile, please continue to assist us in that endeavour by wittering on about perpetual-motion machines.  

PS: Oooh, a conference held at a hotel in Salzburg; it sounds so exotic, does it not. The next one was held at a pub in Ayrshire. It looks as if they are finding their natural level. 


8 Responses to “Private Defective”

  1. Non Scientist Says:

    I went into the link to Crother’s paper. As a non scientist I did not uderstand it, but I immediately spotted a few English Grammar errors and noted that he did not quote any references to his boss the Head Honcho Moron. Is the paper flawed? Who is Sam Spade? Why does he note quote the Head Honcho Moron?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Sam Spade is the anti-hero of The Maltese Falcon. His name has become a generic term for all sleazy down-at-heel private detectives. Our Sam Spade, like most amateur ‘physicists’, obviously came to the subject via ‘philosophy’; everybody thinks that he is some sort of philosopher, and the bar is indeed set very low (no prior qualifications or knowledge required). Physicists have no time for philosophers because they make no real contribution to human progress or understanding. They are still happy even nowadays to prattle about the Ship of Theseus and similar pseudo-puzzles. We have seen them argue that automobiles cannot function because of a Zeno-like paradox concerning TDC. That can prompt only a Galileo-style response (“and yet it moves”). Their current ‘big contribution’ to physics is the concept of the ‘supertask’. These seek to undermine Newtonian physics by introducing infinities into everyday situations. That is the sort of thing that our Sam Spade is trying to do in that paper. It might even impress philosophers. From a physicist’s point of view it is drivel. As for the non-mention of Ron: the lunatic fringe manages to stick together only by steadfastly refusing to criticize each others’ work. The most that they can do is to fail to mention it. We suspect that Ron’s waffling about perpetual-motion and antigravity is becoming an embarrassment, even to the loony-tunes.

  2. Non Scientist Says:

    I see that Moron is once again claiming mega giga readership of his science fiction BLOG site. If this is true, then why doesn’t he allow advertising side shows alongside his flawed maths and gross delusions. With that many “hits” advertisers should be clamouring up the garden path of 50, Rhyddwen Road, Craigcefnparc, Swansea, UK, Trouble is it is all up the garden path leading to the top paddock full of disturbed kangaroos. Nobody has seen Mrs Moron for quite a while, we hope she is well wherever she is. Maybe she is lodging in the disputed Garage on the Newlands Estate? What thinks everyone?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      There has been no activity on her Facebook page since the 14th January, and a web-page where she used to offer bespoke cake-making appears to have disappeared. Cue ominous music.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      This rather strange statement was posted in 2012, mentioning that she is ‘out of Wales’ and confirming that she has 2 daughters. It is unclear whether both were imported into Wales under Ron’s ‘Wales only for the Welsh-speaker’ scheme: У меня получилось фото уменьшить!УРА!!!Так что прошу любить и жаловать-собственной персоной)))) Я из Уельса,мне 55(пока, до апреля).У меня 2 взрослые доченьки,старшая замужем, но внуками пока не побаловали…все” прелести” нашего элегантного возраста ощутила в последний год..сейчас с ДД выруливаю на белую полосочку и собираюсь по ней вдоль,наслаждаясь качеством жизни.

  3. Naybor Says:

    That’s Russian above I presume. Using the computer it translates oddly as:-
    I got photo reduce! HOORAY! So I ask love and favour-own persona)))) I’m from Wales, me 55 (until April). I have 2 adults, the eldest daughter married, but their grandchildren until pobalovali … all ‘delights’ of our elegant age.
    What is she on about? Any clues or ideas readers? I hope she makes a half and half claim on the £5 million sales of the Moron Manuscripts and on the Newlands Estate.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Google translate obviously cannot handle colloquial Russian. As for her cut, after deducting the £11100 capital-gains allowance the government will take nearly one fifth.

  4. Ron Beck Says:

    I think you give Stephen Crothers far too much credit. Sam Spade was a cool guy; and competent too. Crothers, on the other hand, is just a bungling idiot; similar to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

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