Golden Oldie

“Dear Osamu,

to my understanding the additional energy is gathered from the surrounding spacetime while the inductance value oscillates. There should be no further miraculous effects. The energy could be stored in a capacitor (perhaps with an additional switch for timing this appropriately). We will also think further about storing mechanisms being technically feasible.
I appreciate your search on such a mechanism, it is certainly more important than understanding theoretical papers 🙂


We are surprised that Siemens Stain, of all people, has not brought up the topic of the Coler device in this context. This was the energy-from-spacetime perpetual-motion machine which was favored by the Nazis (to go with their Einstein-Cartan* flying saucers). The details were snaffled by the more gullible agents of British Intelligence, before being hastily declassified. That device was also a collection of coils, magnets and capacitors. It might even have worked, in the sense that the circuit had to be manually rearranged before use. Now, if one moves coils around in the vicinity of magnets – and capacitors are also present – it is not unlikely that some energy might be generated and stored.

*According to Michael ‘no bubbles’ Jackson, speaking on the Jeff ‘rancid’ Rense show.


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  1. Naybor Says:

    His manuscripts are no longer on e bay for sale at £5million. The village is agog with rumours that he may have sold them and he would now be a multi millionairre. His pavement parking area has seen several new cars outside his house over the past few weeks. Are they his new cars? The village rumour machine now says emphatically “no” – they have actually been various Police Cars responding to all of his numerous calls. The question still remains as to where his manuscrits are. Perhaps someone with a wood burning stove has bought them as fire kindling paper for a few pence. What value would Crackpotwatch put on the manuscripts?

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