New Definition of Impact

Historic Impact of ECE and ECE2

July 15, 2015

There is no need to do anything about trolls from the scientific point of view, they have been routed and the entire landscape of science and engineering has been changed permanently. They are regarded as criminals by the scientific colleagues. However, from a legal point of view trolls are out of control, the authorities often do not even try to control them.”

The old definition, in this context, was “to have a strong effect on someone or something”. This reaction was traditionally detected by the fact that those affected voluntarily ‘spread the word’ or even used the thing in their own work. They might even have built upon it and developed it. But the ECE phenomenon is entirely different: nobody (except the originators) ever quotes it, asks questions about it, or uses it in their own calculations. Very few people can even be bothered to point out its fatal flaws. Perhaps ‘ECE impact” could be defined as being “of the order of a snowflake landing on cotton-wool”.  Meanwhile, it is pseudoscientists who are regarded as criminals by our scientific colleagues. They get away with it simply because real science is already a closed book to most people, so the latters’ ability to detect pseudo-science is limited. Fortunately, some particularly unhinged cranks over-egg their pudding by prattling about perpetual motion and antigravity. 


3 Responses to “New Definition of Impact”

  1. Nonscientist Says:

    As a nonscientist, I find Moron’s Blog to be gobbledegook, but it seems that real top scientists also consider all he writes to be gobbledegook also. So I am in eminent circles. What interests me is his BLOG today 17-7-15 where it appears to a nonscientist like me that a falling out is going on within the inner odd circles moron moves within. Am I reading his today’s postings wrongly Crackpotwatch?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Crackpots never criticize each other. They dare not because, if they did, the whole house-of-cards would collapse. This has always, unfortunately, made crackpot groups more cohesive and stable than skeptic organisations. But it must be a strain sometimes, and Siemens Stain may simply be following orders even though he has no confidence in them.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We note that his ‘Scientometrics’ book has been reviewed savaged on Amazon by one of his favourite enemies.

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