Only in Your Own Mind

Light Deflection due to Gravitation

July 17, 2015

This can be understood as in previous work by calculating the velocity due to a precessing orbit, so again this precession can be explained using the new gravitomagnetic equation of astronomy and cosmology:

curl cap omega = (4 pi G / c squared) J sub m.

This can be named the gravitomagnetic Ampere equation. So we have now explained orbits, precessing orbits, three dimensional orbits, Gravity Probe B and the precession of the equinox in terms of the gravitomagnetic field. We have also defined the conditions where gravitation vanishes, and the conditions for positive g.”

So why do you not write all of this up and send it to a reputable physics journal (i.e. not Progress in Physics)? After all, according to you, your devoted followers have (like scientologists) infiltrated every scientific organ. Surely one of them is in a position to let it through … or would that ‘give away his position’? We know why you are afraid to submit it, don’t we? Your basic understanding of physics has remained at grammar-school level (as has your poetry), and your apparently impressive algebra is riddled with errors (of the sort that computers cannot detect). No real physics journal would accept such drivel. We contend that your ‘work’ is just a form of post-breakdown occupational therapy, played out in the fantasy-world of the internet. Prove us wrong.


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