Telling it Like it Is

Discussion of Call for Disciplinary Action

July 19, 2015

Good to hear from Stephen Crothers. It is possible to file a complaint for verbal common assault and violation of the law on human rights, which also applies of course in Australia. I tend to regard these people with indifference, I never read their work because it is totally wrong due to neglect of torsion, and many experimental data are being questioned, as Robitaille and yourself have made clear to the satisfaction of the colleagues worldwide.”

It is the pseudoscientists of the world who need curbing. They have, like the poor, ‘always been with us’, but the internet has allowed them to become a greater menace than ever before. Just imagine the damage that they do when a naive schoolteacher tells a class to use the internet to gather information for a project: due to the hippy-like attitudes of Google, the scum often floats to the top of a search. The crackpots get away with it because they often have degrees (just as alcoholics still often hang onto their driving licence), because they are often employed by high-tech companies (we know of people at Boeing who think that gyroscopes can levitate), because there is an anti-science attitude in mainstream society and because most people (including many schoolteachers) have no idea how real research is actually conducted. Frankly, we are surprised that certain persons have not had ‘their petrol sugared and their tyres slashed’ (to quote a notoriously aggressive loony poetaster). 

It is not worth a separate post, but all that Sam Spade’s recent rant about infinity revealed was that he has never heard of transfinite algebra.


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