What Bounces Off Us …

The Law on Harassment in England and Wales

July 19, 2015

This is primarily the Protection from Harassment Act of 1997 and Section 4A of the Public Order Act of 1986. Harassment is defined as systematic and continued, unwanted and annoying actions of one party or group (such as trolls on a troll blog),”

… or like a pusher of perpetual-motion and antigravity who calls for CERN to be closed down, and essentially accuses leading scientists of fraud? Is it not amazing that someone should get all bent out of shape by things that he claims not to read? Just wait until he is the object of investigative journalism. It was easy for the general public to see how his favorite genealogist had shamed a great military honor. The general public can eventually be made to see that a great scientific honor has been similarly despoiled. 


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