Agreed with Stephen Crothers

July 20, 2015

If necessary I will write an affidavit in support of Stephen Crothers, witnessing verbal common assault upon Crothers. A careful eye must be kept on false authority at all times. I know this from my work as an Amnesty International volunteer. Stephen Corthers is protected by several Articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which is law in Australia, and this case is under the international microscope.”

How could it possibly help him to have it known that he is in the same lunatic fringe with an anti-Einstein loony who prattles about perpetual-motion and antigravity? A careful eye is being kept on false authority, as our informed comments daily attest. Interesting misuse of the word ‘international’ there, by the way. Two widely separated fruit-loops agreeing with each other does not make an issue ‘international’ in any accepted sense.


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