Conference Report in .pdf

July 20, 2015

This is the conference report in .pdf


What an incredibly sloppy piece of work; harking back to the days when all pseudoscientific output looked like that and the cranks did not have computers and the internet to rocket-assist them. The author cannot even get the ‘classic details’ right; spelling Biefeld as Bifeld for instance (just for the record, Professor Biefeld was already senile when the conman T.T.Brown latched onto him and exploited the former’s good reputation for his own ends). Note how the ‘discoveries’ veer off into the paranormal at the end; perhaps they should have called in a dowser. Nevertheless it is worrying: which real professors turned up, and are these nuts really able to endow scholarships, as is implied? Real scientists should not be complacent: entire societies have been known to ‘flip over’ into pseudoscience. For example: Lysenkoism in Russia, Welteislehre etc. in Germany and the cultural revolution in China. The above is how it starts.


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