Doing the Decent Thing

FOR POSTING: Sale of the Original Manuscripts of ECE Theory

July 21, 2015

The manuscripts can be viewed by clicking on the UFT Section of and on “Notes UFT papers in progress” at the head of the list of UFT papers. The value of an original autograph manuscript collection resides in its historical importance, whether or not it has survived the test of time.”

They were offered on Ebay for nearly three weeks, with no takers and not even any interest from the press (we did try hard to attract ‘silly-season’ interest in the auction), so it is clear that ‘the world has spoken’: nobody wants the rantings of a pseudoscientist, not even for their novelty-value. We do not even rate the other evaluations very highly; all of that belongs to the unreal but socially-damaging world of financial shenanigans. The buyers do not care about what is written on the paper; it is just a form of high-denomination currency to them. Who would really care if Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ were destroyed? Only the current holder in that expensive version of ‘pass the parcel’ would (and even he would simply file an insurance claim). It has already been examined and recorded using every known technique, and anybody can buy a print, or see it on Google, so who needs the original?  A skilled forger could easily make a copy, of famous art-works, that would fool all but a few experts and any house-painter could reproduce rubbish like Malevich’s ‘Red Square’ … if he were not too good. There is certainly one major factor which pushes the value up, and that is the certainty that the supply has dried up. So, Ron, why not simply shut up shop and declare that you will never again write nonsense about physics?

By the way, having closed the poetry competition, a limerick nevertheless arrived:

There was a crank chemist from Wales,

Whose ‘physics’ provoked laughter in gales,

With his incompetent minions,

And rabid opinions,

Is it any great surprise that he failed?


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