Daddy’s Got a Stats Pac

FOR POSTING: Accumulated Data Fit for Growth in Interest in

July 21, 2015

Many thanks indeed for these very interesting graphs! I can use them in the search to find a buyer for the manuscripts and they are also of intrinsic interest. Your result is very accurate, when multiplied by 1.6 it gives 22,124 distinct visits a month, very close to my estimate. I will go around the main auction houses again with these data. Proceeds will of course be ploughed back into AIAS / UPITEC and culture and language in Wales.”

But by your own admission, only 2% of the interest is supposedly from good-quality visitors; by the way, do visits from Searl and Bearden sites count as ‘scientific’ interest? Previously published lists show that the other 98% of visits are no better than spam. So the really interesting question is, how is the steady ‘academic’ interest any more significant than the steady random ‘interest’? Should not the ‘quality’ interest increase disproportionately? As for the amateurish analysis: who, seeing data which are obviously so close to linear, would then fit a polynomial to them? Probably the sort of person who lets a statistics package do his thinking for him. 


4 Responses to “Daddy’s Got a Stats Pac”

  1. Washingtime Says:

    Remember how soap was lacking North Carolina? Well it is seriously lacking again. The rare people who hold conversations with him comment how quick they have to move away. Sadly this is a symptom of the previous situation. He certainly needs help – big, big help. In the meantime just ignore all his rants and ultra pseudo science utter nonsense.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Nonsense from a run-of-the-mill crank can be ignored. Nonsense from the recipient of a civil-list pension for ‘services to science’ is a national disgrace and must be dealt with.

  2. Washingtime Says:

    I agree with you entirely about the disgrace of the Civil List Palace Queen’s Award to a totally deluded nutter. The culprits of the nomination were:-
    1. The then Labour MP for Gower;
    2. The then Cabinet Office of Prime Ministers Tony Blair MP & Gordon Brown MP,
    3. The then Chief Executive and then President of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
    They all knew he was either totally nuts – or could not be bothered to check.
    People in Moron’s village of his age say he was very odd even in Primary Scvhool and he got odder and odder and odder and odder.
    Trouble is – all involved close ranks and do nothing.

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