Statement of Fact

Noise Eliminated Long Term Performance

July 22, 2015

Many thanks again to AIAS Director Dr. Douglas Lindstrom in Canada. These graphs show the growth of interest in ECE and ECE2 very clearly, up to a sustained plateau of intense interest which will last for the foreseeable future. The theory has a vast and permanent following throughout the world in all sectors of interest. Also, there is a great amount of interest in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers, which develop the vacuum theory to show how energy is taken from spacetime. Papers UFT311 and UFT 321 both give precise details of circuits, prove experimentally the existence of the spin connection and show how circuits can be designed. So engineers worldwide can begin in earnest to build circuits to take energy from spacetime. Doug Lindstrom opened the Coeur d’Alene energy conference in Idaho, and his talk was very well received by 150 participants. It was on ECE theory applied to LENR and new energy. ECE theory is far in advance of the standard model of physics and is the only theory that gives a coherent description of these new energy sources. In my opinion these are very important, fully deserving public and private funding.”

One of the earliest perpetual motion machines was an ‘electromagnetic’ one: i.e. just a ferromagnetic ball being caused to make repeated cycles by a lodestone. That is, of course, nonsense because any such system will seek out a minimum-energy state, and stay there: no cyclic process (which might be ‘tapped’ as an energy source) is possible. With the 19th-century discovery of induction arrived the true exploitation of electromagnetism … so did the attempted patenting of self-driving electric motors. The irony is that electrical engineers have always been at the forefront of this movement. The so-called Adams motor was backed by a Harold Aspden (who also backed many other loony ideas). The shocking thing is that these idiots were not bumbling or crafty amateurs (like Searl): Adams was the head of the New Zealand chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Aspden was the head of European patenting for IBM (who later, it seems, installed him in a sinecure at Southampton University). Such people are a menace: the natural reaction of the layman is to think that perpetual-motion is possible because it has been vouched-for by highly-qualified engineers. The correct viewpoint is to think that there is something incredibly wrong with the education of electrical engineers. No physicist would fall for a scheme that contravenes the laws of thermodynamics. But, counter the loonies, it is not a contradiction: they claim that the magnet itself is a source of energy, or that they are tapping a hidden energy source  – so the laws still apply. They then steal concepts from physics, such as zero-point energy, to bolster their claims. Unfortunately, physicists who specialize in those topics do not agree that such energy is exploitable: there is certainly no experimental evidence … apart from the supposed proof offered by the loony inventions themselves. But we have seen, from that recent conference, that these people believe just about anything (aliens at the Pentagon, channeled tales of Atlantis, mystical effects of electrical apparatus, etc.). So any physicist will say, without hesitation, that – given that these gadgets are contrary to the laws of thermodynamics – any attempt to sell them, to sell plans for them or to seek investment in them, are clear-cut criminal activities. And that accusation should also apply to those who collude by providing faked ‘theoretical proof’ of their viability.  This means, not to put too fine a point on it, that the Civil List Scientist is actively engaged in supporting illegal activity, and has even used the address of HM Treasury as his affiliation when claiming that ‘magnetic motors’ (i.e. output with no input) are feasible.   


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  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    The graphs show an increase, which closely follows the growth of the Internet and access bandwidth. By way of example, let’s consider another free publication; the Gideon Bible. If you find 10 extra places to leave bibles every year, you should not be surprised to find that you need to print & deliver 10 times more bibles. The Gideons do not celebrate tenfold greater acceptance of their faith, and Christian churches are not growing to accept bigger congregations. Similarly no university shows the slightest interest in teaching ECE, and not a single academic library has REQUESTED Ron’s recent work.

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